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This Post is a collection of top 10 entertainment websites which can give you a new way to spend your spare time. These websites have the best for everyone. Whether you love music, games, Videos, chatting or interesting fact; this article will provide you the best hub for your entertainment.

Internet is not just a thing to learn and do work; it is a whole world of entertainment. You can watch online movies & Videos; listen to your favorite music, Chat with the friends, Play online games and lot more. When we feel bored, our fingers try to explore the world of entertainment on Google. The world of entertainment is much vaster than our imagination, so you may be confused about choosing the best entertainment websites. In this post of mine; I had provided you the popular entertaining websites that I had searched among the stack of millions. I had fairly provided the best options for different interests of different user. Let’s check out my array of best entertainment websites

Guinness world record


Guinness world record is one of the most popular entertainment website where you can spend hours without getting bored. In this websites the records related to different categories are posted sequentially, you can find even the records that you can’t even think of. Had you ever imagine that someone can have the record of longest fingernails? Most balloons inflated by the nose in 3 minutes? What is the largest no. of Ice cream scoops thrown and caught in one minute? Find the answers of all these questions and lot more on this fascinating website.

Addicting Games


If you like playing games online than this cool website with games is the hub for you. Addicting game is a website build for the online game lovers; you can even play multiple games on this website. It is loaded with thousand of games categorized in different sectors; whether it is a strategy game, sport game, action game or Zombie game you will find all favorite stuff here. Addicting game is also compatible with mobile phones so you can even download and enjoy thousand of games on your mobile screen. This website assures that you will stop looking at the clock in spare time after you visit it once.

Funny Exam Answers


This is the most hilarious and entertaining website I had ever seen. In this website the teachers around the world has posted the pictures of interesting answer sheet submitted by their students in exams. The answers of these sheets are the height of stupidity and innocence that can put a big smile on every face. All the posts are original and full of laugh packets. I would like to caution you that please get ready to explode while laughing if you are looking to visit this website.

New Grounds


New Ground is the website for everyone. It is a place where you will find your can watch movies, play games, listen to music, chat with community or can see the pictures. This best flash website does not leave any reason with you to search for the alternatives. You can even buy the cool stuff like t-shirts, music CDs, soft toys and lot more exclusively designed by the New Ground team.

Creative piece


Do you love photography? If yes than Creative piece is the website designed only for you; Creative piece is the place where you will find the best of wedding and event photographs. These captures are the best a camera can click. The visual interface of the website is superb; although it is one of the best interfaces I had seen and I believe that you too would agree with me after visiting this entertaining hub.

Run Escape


If adventures games makes you forgot everything than Run Escape is surely going to make you addict of it. Excellent graphic, superb controls and mind blowing story game, you can play this game free online with your friends and even the strangers. The sound quality of the game is too impressive to make you feel the heat of the adventure and thrill.

Ball Pool


It’s a beautiful user interface, click the screen to get the balls and then shake your browser and see the magic. I am really impressed by this amazing flash website as it makes me remember my childhood when playing with ball was the best game. You can change the color of the balls; can jumble the collected balls and lot more by just clicking it.


SYFY is a hub for TV serial lovers; it is loaded with the complete collection of horror episodes like paranormal witness, school spirits, warehouse 13, Ghost hunters and many more. These episodes are updated. Along with the serials; SYFY offers you a variety of online games, Videos and movies. You can even download the amazing application from this website; these applications are specially designed for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets.

1 in 8 millions


This website is a collection of true extra ordinary stories by ordinary people. These stories are a portrait of their fight against the odds; it is a showcase of their zeal to win their fear; it is a true life of the people who stands unique and bold in every 8 million crowd. This is a part of New York Times official page to give a token of salute for the real heroes among us. It is very interesting and inspiring to watch these videos; I will suggest you to go for these if you believe in true heroes.

Mind Lab


Mind lab is an entertaining website that helps you to visualize the potency of different parts of your brain. This website is integrated with a lot of interesting puzzles and activities that calculates the weakness and strength of your ‘thinking organ’. I had checked out my brain strength and it is just a few thousand less as that compared with Albert Einstein, you too can go and check yours but just be sure that no one else is watching the results.

I hope my above Best entertainment goodies will help you to spend the spare time in a more interesting way. I would love to hear more suggestions and reviews about this post.

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