Coffeescripts Codes- An Insight Overview

We all admire JavaScript for its various beneficial points especially with Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), Ajax, and web libraries like jQuery Java Script has become more effective and appealing. Due to its usability and popularity, more and more people are using this language for web development. However with numerous Javascript advantages, it has got certain quirks also. To fight with all such quirks of this language we are here providing you a solution to all of these problems through CoffeeScript.

CoffeeScript is nothing just a small programming language that compiles into Javascript. The reason behind using CoffeeScript is to develop better Javascript codes using brief and consistent methodology in Javascript language by eliminating all the quirks.


CoffeeScript was developed by web developer Jeremy Ashkenas, who is a lead programmer at DocumentCloud, which is an open source platform for all journalists. Coffee Script is a great open source project and one can get the source code in GitHub.


Working With CoffeeScript

Writing code for CoffeeScript is quite simple and uses a set of procedure which basically include three steps. First Write the code in .coffee file, next is to compile it into .js file, and now make insertion of the .js file in your web page as if any other Javascript file.

Follow the steps below:

Step of CoffeeScript

If you afraid of compiling into .JS files then you need to follow this post to get some of the automated tools for compiling the files.

CoffeeScript code: an illustration

We are here to show you a small snippet of JavaScript by utilizing JQuery and we will write the same code in CoffeeScript.

The function will write Hey Webgranth Users! inside the <body> tag of the web page.


$(“body”).html(“Hey Webgranth Users!”);
$ ->
$(“body”).html “Hey Webgranth Users!”

CoffeeScript lets you write JavaScript faster due to its simple programming rules. Some of the basic rules that one should remember are:

➡  Firstly, white space is important. In CoffeeScript we do not have curly braces       and indentations are utilized here.

➡  Parenthesis are not required here as this function stake arguments. One can          utilize the parenthesis if you wish in your script for making it more                            readable.Multiple arguments can be separated by using comma.

Javascript Codes Vs. CoffeeScript Codes

Let have a look at the differences in CoffeeScript and JavaScript

➡  The function (){} is replaced by $ ->. The initiating line of the code becomes $       -> that calls jQuery and go through unspecified function. If you like to                     declare the feature that receives arguments, JS then code will be:

function say(something)

but in coffeeScript you will write

say = (something) ->

alert something

Here you can leave the semicolons (;). CoffeeScript adjoins them in when it collects.

➡  Next, one is not required to make use of var statement that we generally use         for writing in Java Script for evading creation of global variables.

So in its place:

var a = 2;

We can also write:

a = 2

At first it is not very easy to make it in a habit especially when you are familiar working with languages like PHP that use braces ({})for enclosing a statement and semicolons (;) to signify the end of the statement. However, you will learn it quickly as it is quicker to type.

Installation of CoffeeScript

The most important and well-liked installation of CoffeeScript is involved with the installation of command line version is important to have a Node Version for installing the coffee script command you need to install the CofeeScript.

Follow the code below:

npm install -g coffee-script

Compiling Together CoffeeScript Files

For compiling a CoffeeScript file, plot a route towards the directory it’s stored and place the code :

coffee –watch –compile

The command you have compiled will automatically re-accumulate from .coffee to .JS on every time you save the file.

Wrap up

Here we have discussed the basic working on CoffeeScript that

➡  CoffeeScript are
➡  benefits of using CoffeeScript using Javascript
➡  working process of CoffeeScript
➡  distinguished between Javascript codes and CoffeeScript codes
➡  installation of CoffeeScript
➡  finally how to compile coffeeScript into Javascript.

Hope you have got a robust idea about CoffeeScript and all your issues related to it have resolved.

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