Velhetica Pinterest Web Design Layout

This is another simple and stylish Pinterest web-design layout, that will literally add colors to your designs. It is simple and doesn’t employ more contrast but even delivers a captivating look.

Trippy Pinterest Web Design Layout

This Trippy is something identical to Pinspire pinterest web-design layout in appearance. This is an elegant design to employ for your next project. Here, each element can be scanned at first look as well seems to very affable to navigate.

Pinspire Pinterest Web Design Layout

This Pinspire Pinterest web-design layout is literally very attractive and useful to build a website attractive and engaging. In this design it incorporates five column where in each column you can place avatar at top and the desired content below this.

OMG Pinterest Web Design Layout

OMG is a nice and cool Pinterest Web-design layout introduced from Yahoo. It incorporates a very alluring and attractive look that will verily engage your visitors and compel them to visit often. In this layout’s framebox you can embellish what ever you wish like pictures, text content, links etc.

Map ltd Pinterest Web Design Layout

This is another eye-catchy web-design layout for Pinterest which reveals very simple and attractive look. Likewise, other designs you can comprises your desired pictures with text detail. Undoubtedly, implementing this design will add value to your site.

Major Tom Pinterest Web Design Layout

This is a regular grid-based web-design layout of Pinterest which appears as photo album and incorporates thumbnails of photographs that will definitely liked by photographers and enthusiast to share wide range of photographs on home page with contents.

Hunted Pinterest Web Design Layout

Hunted Pinterest web-design layout is an elegant design to implement in order to build a website. Its pattern, design, layout and contrast all are so balanced that it will make you delighted and allured including your visitors too.


This is one among earnest web-design layout for Pinterest which incorporates wide space to incorporate pictures with caption that will play a critical role in arresting the attention of your visitors.

Dynam It

Wide landscape frame box are the center of attraction in this Pinterest web-design layout where you can put interesting and attractive snap to trap the visitors attention as well as enhance the look and appearance for your site.

Chill Pinterest Web Design Layout

This Chill Pinterest layout will verily spice up your website design and buoy up the visitors as well as compel the users to visit frequent. This design has employed a thumb slider that sits at the top of frameworks that is embellished with pictures, text and other contents. The slider make this design more alluring Read More …