Bing Updates: Bing Search Reveal Cleaner Look for Result

Microsoft has provide a novice and simpler look to Bing SERP. However, it looks like very identical to “old Google”. As compare to the previous Bing UI is more spartan or “clean”. As Google has incorporated additional icons, graphics and features to its SERPs in account of which many has stated that the pages are looking bloated and cluttered.

Behind new SERP the intent is to generate a “de-cluttered design and enhanced experience in order to lets you find the desired result exponentially” and to render the page “easier to scan.” The Bing blog proclaimed.

Google and Bing Switch Places

Primarily, Bing advanced with a visually richer User Interface and an effort to comprise more content and filter to SERP. The main discriminator from Google is subject to Bing’s more “visual” and in some context “warmer” User Interface. Futhermore, Bing’s new look UI is very identical to Google, though Micrsoft denies to describe it that way. However, Bing and Google have recently switched their positions.

Below specified examples comprises one previous and another new Bing SERP. Eventually, after making an comparison with queries “search market share” and “best sushi in NYC.” Either the new Bing SERP is seems to be a function of personal taste or you may be pang with simpler SERP.

Old Bing

Old Bing

The “Bing’s old UI” is accompanied by refinements and filters located in the left column. The color and aesthetics of the page – “compressed” spacing among results and links and the gray bar at the top are noticeable. Below this, the new Bing’s UI has “longer with abundant whitespace” render the page much readable.

New Bing

The new User Interface of Bing also incorporates left-column filters at the lower part of right hierarchy and below the ads.

New BIng

With reference to another example for “best sushi restaurant in NYC.” The new Bing’s UI is considered as “cleaner” but lack some “personality” that Bing introduced to the SERP.

Tapping “Nostalgia” for a Google Past?

Nostalgia BingNostalgia Bing2

However, the launch of Bing Update arises so many question to resolve. First, whether Bing loyalist accept this modification. Another, whether Google users agonizing for affable time will literally switch as it conveys an identical look of earlier Google. Regardless, there is probability to exert a positive impact over Bing usage.

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