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Choosing a good web hosting company that offers smooth and hassle free services is quite crucial to the flawless running of your website. A web hosting company should be such that offers unlimited space for the website while offering other free services and additional discount. There are many such web hosting companies in India, USA, UK, and Australia that offer dedicated servers so that you do not have to share the servers with other websites that sometimes causes your website to get slow.

As a large chunk of websites is now built using WordPress, the hosting company should also offer WordPress hosting. We have compiled some of the best hosting companies from around the world after reviewing most of them. Have a look and choose the one that best suits your requirement.

Hosting ServicePrice Per MonthScoreFeaturesWebsite




9.8tick mark 1 Free Domain Name
tick mark Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
tick mark Unlimited Domain Hosting
tick mark Unlimited Email Accounts
tick mark 100% Uptime Guarantee
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9.1tick mark Cheapest Option
tick mark Unlimited Bandwidth
tick mark Site building service available
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just host



8.7tick mark Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
tick mark $200 Free Advertising Credits
tick mark Anytime Money-Back Guarantee
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8.4tick mark Free Domain Registration
tick mark Unlimited Email Addresses
tick mark $500 Free Advertising Credits
tick mark Anytime Money-Back Guarantee
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8.1tick mark Unlimited Space
tick mark 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
tick mark Free Solid-State Drives
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7.8tick mark Free Domain Name
tick mark Free Email Address
tick mark Free Site Builder
tick mark Unlimited Domains
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7.5tick mark $100 Google Adwords Offer
tick mark $100 Yahoo/Bing Credit
tick mark 1-CLICK Script Installs
tick mark 99.9% Uptime Gaurantee
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6.9tick mark Unlimited Bandwidth
tick mark Site building service available
tick mark Award winning support
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6.3tick mark Unlimited Domains
tick mark $100 Bonus Adwords & Bing
tick mark 1GB Cloud Storage
tick mark Drag & Drop Site Builder
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6.1tick mark Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
tick mark $200 Free Advertising Credits
tick mark Anytime Money-Back Guarantee
tick mark Featured for wordpress hosting
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What is web hosting and why do you need it?

what is web hosting

A website needs to cater several requests from the users and to make it possible, they are stored on a server that can handle such requests. Web hosting is the service that offers you server space or a dedicated server so that your website can be accessed by the users at all times. You can design your website on your computer but in order to make it accessible to everyone, you are required to get best web hosting services and for marketing your website you should hire SEO services who can help you to rank first page in search engines.

Free web hosting services offer limited server space for your website and almost no technical support when you need it. Paid web hosting services either offer an unlimited server space or a dedicated server depending on the package you opt for. Availing the service from a reputed web hosting service provider ensures that there are minimum occurrences of server crash and website being slow.

Free Web Hosting Providers

WebsiteStorageMonthly bandwidthFile size limitFTP uploadAd-freeeCommerce
350pages20 MB1 GBUnlimitedMaybeNoNo
Altervista3 GB – Unlimited30 GB – UnlimitedUnlimitedYesYesYes
Angelfire20 MB1 GB?Paid OnlyNoNo
Google Sites100 MB1 GB/day20 MBNoYesNo
Jimdo500 MB – UnlimitedUnlimited10 MB – 100 MBNoNoYes
Moonfruit20 MB ? ?NoYesYes
NeoCities50 MB – 10 GB50 GB – 2000 GB100 MBNoYesNo
Tripod.com20 MB1 GB?NoNoNo
uCoz400 MBUnlimited15 MBYesNoNo
Webnode100 MB – Unlimited1 GB – Unlimited100 MBNoNoYes
Webs40+ MB500 MB?Paid OnlyNoYes
WeeblyUnlimitedUnlimited10 MBNoNoPaid Only
Wix.com500MB – 20GB500MB – Unlimited?NoNoYes
WordPress.com3 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedNoNoYes
Yola1 GBUnlimited5 MBNoYesPaid only

How to choose the best web hosting company?

For a business that relies on the online interaction with the customer, website is the most crucial part. It cannot afford to get down or slow just because the web hosting service provider is ignorant. E-commerce websites, hotel and flight booking websites, map websites, etc. need to be up and running at all cost. Regular instances of website being slow or services being down malign the reputation of the company and users abandon them. Hence, it is very important to choose your web hosting company after thorough verification of its track record.

Pointers that need to be remembered while making the choice

  • The location of the website hosting company: It is quite crucial due to two main reasons. First, servers located too far from your visitors’ base may cause the website to load slowly. Second, the search engines may wrongly comprehend your business location as the location of your web hosting company.
  • Backup facilities: You must be aware of the backup facilities that are provided by the web hosting company in case the server is down due to any technical snag. If your website is down at a time when there is the maximum inflow of the prospective user, it can be detrimental for your business.
  • Quality of support and maintenance: In the case of a technical glitch in server or degradation in the performance of the website, the support team of the web hosting company must be active and easily accessible.
  • Loading speed of the website: The amount of load on the server directly impacts the loading speed of the website. A good web hosting company utilizes the server space in a way that does not affect the website speed in any adverse manner.
  • Infrastructure redundancy: Asking for the redundancy of the infrastructure is a must when you are looking for a web hosting company. There must be certain provisions for surviving hardware failures.
  • Cost of the service: It is very important to note what your web hosting company is charging you for the service. Server provided on sharing basis are often cheaper than the dedicated ones.

Difference between unlimited, limited, and dedicated server web hosting

Unlimited server hosting refers to ultimate space and bandwidth on a shared server. This type of web hosting scales up as your user base and the traffic to the website increases. You should be careful while choosing this web hosting type as many service providers claim to offer the unlimited hosting plan but often cap the usage according to a fair usage policy.

A limited server hosting refers to a fixed amount of server space and bandwidth allocated to the website. This is ideal for the small websites such as blogs; however, with the changing preference of the audience, limited web hosting service is availed by a very few websites.

A dedicated server web hosting is entirely a different thing. In this type of hosting service, a server is assigned to the website so that its performance is not degraded due to increased load on other websites. This type of hosting service is preferred by websites with the huge user base that cannot afford any snag in the website.

Things to remember while choosing a free web hosting service

You might be attracted to the idea of free web hosting because it appears to be budget-friendly. However, this type of hosting service comes with its own share of limitations that may give rise to issues. If you have created a website that is not essentially a large one and does not need to cater a huge user base, you can go for free hosting services. But in the case of a business website that has to be up and running at all times, free service can hamper the prospects. A free web hosting service often adds pop-up ads and banner ads in the website without your permission. Moreover, the support provided by them is not up to the mark. The bottom line is that paid web hosting service should be the preferred choice if your are serious about the business and your customers.

Is a separate web hosting for WordPress required?

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world and is implemented to build content based websites like blogs and even an e-commerce website. Therefore, if you have a serious work for your website, it is highly recommended that you take a separate hosting.

If your website is small and not for any business purpose, the space provided by WordPress might be enough for you. Hence, the need to have a separate hosting for WordPress is compelling for the business websites and optional for a small blogging website with the limited content.

Uses of Regional web hosting

Local web hosting also called regional web hosting avails services from a web hosting company that is in close proximity with your target audience. A survey conducted by Host Advise suggests that 20.7 % of the revenue generated by the companies is by the web hosting market. Most of the small business owners in India, USA, UK, Canada, and Australia prefer regional web hosting.

Advantages of regional web hosting

  • Personal interaction is possible between hosting provider and user instead of automated calls.
  • There are speed and performance advantages as the website host and users are in proximity.
  • Better engagement of the users and increased sale and revenue.
  • Many regional web hosting service providers also provide CDN services that let the companies with global users serve them locally cached web pages.

Discounts on hosting

Web hosting is often overlooked while setting up an online presence. Quality of web hosting services with attributes explained above can guarantee the lowest downtime and infrequent hardware failure. You may also get a good discount on the web hosting services from reputed service providers. If you are going for a dedicated server or unlimited hosting space, there are many providers that will provide you special discounts and offers.


These top web hosting companies offer all types of hosting services viz. free, unlimited and dedicated services. You can choose the one depending on your country or the proximity with your target audience. The list has been compiled after thorough research and efforts have been put in to keep the list as accurate as possible. Suggestions from the readers to improve the list are always welcome.


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