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This post of mine is a helping pill for everyone who is looking to make a mobile website but don’t know how to do it. In this blog I had provided you an array of Best mobile website building tools that can liquefy your task. These tools are best among the stack of options and provide top notch features for creating a perfect mobile website

Mobile phones are the most common gadget of the 21st century. According to the survey report of International telecommunication union 86.7% of people use mobile among per 100 people in this blue planet. Isn’t it interesting to focus that approximately every human being in this world is connected to each other with this revolutionary invention of Martin Cooper (inventor of mobile phones and former vice president of Motorola).

Best Mobile Website Building Tools: At the birth years of mobile devices, they were just used to have a voice communication but with the advancement of technology; this device is a compressed world in your hand. Internet on mobile is the biggest boon of this progression of technology. It wouldn’t be smart if I start discussing about the use of internet as anyone can write even a whole book on this topic. Now a day everyone is using the internet on mobile as it is much more comfortable and speedy as compared to the conventional desktop usage. Just go for a walk on the street and I am sure that you will find a lot of people around you who are running their fingers on mobiles. Around 69% of users are using mobile as the internet hub as stated by the Internet and Mobile Association of India. The business tycoons and web developers too are observing this change of trend in the mode of internet usage.

So as to attract this mass crowd toward their business and services, the developers are creating their mobile websites. These mobile websites are having different features like

Cross Compatibility– mobile websites are compatible with every mobile platform; so whether you are using Symbian, Android, IOS or any other platform you don’t have to make different tools for them as you are forced to do while creating a mobile application.

Fast Faster Fastest– mobile web pages can be swiftly uploaded in a smart phone as compared to the desktop websites. This imposes a positive impression on the viewer.

Sharp SEO performance-mobile websites effectively improves the search engine optimization of your page as more people can access your services with the local directories.

Now if you too are interested in making your own mobile web page than below is the overview of some of the best mobile website Building tools that can help you up. These tools are highly customizable and can be easily used by even a novice developer.



MoFuse is one of the most popular tools to create a mobile website. It offers you two types of working platforms

  • Build it yourself
  • Build it for me

With these choices you can either create your mobile website of your own or can hire a mobile design expert to build it for you. This tool facilitates you with the complete kit of features including the latest Google tools and QR code technology.


Mobi Site Galore


If you are not a core technical programmer but still wants to create mobile website by your own, than Mobi Site Galore is the perfect tool for you. It is one of the easiest website builders among the category. Besides with providing the astounding features like Rollback Changes, Mobile RSS, Google search and AdMob Ads; Mobi Site Galore provides 24X7, free support to its user.




Zinadoo is a free website building tool which offers you a ton of additional traits. With this tool you can add unlimited number of web pages on your website with the help of expert technical support. It offers you regular promotion choices to help you make your mobile website more visible. The premium version of this tool comes in three subscription plans that can be changed at any stage of development.




The popularity of this tool can be easily calculated by going through the list of mega clients that includes Reebok, Ford, Nokia, Vodafone and lot more. This tool is absolutely free for personal use and is integrated with a lot of unique designs. It facilitates you with the innovative and powerful ‘Anypage’ rendering Engine that provides a super fast browsing experience to the visitor.


WPtouch Pro


WPtouch is a very powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to make mobile version of your website for any mobile or even iPad. It facilitates you to easily customize the color, font, logo and a lot more just by a few clicks of the mouse. This AJAX and HTML5 integrated website builder is loaded with the amazing feature of Auto-Formatted that enables you to upload the pictures and videos unswervingly without worrying about the screen size as it automatically scales every data.


I hope that the above post on Best mobile website building tool will help you to find out the perfect option to create your mobile website. These all options offer you a demo version of their services that helps you to make your choice easier and precised. Feel free to give your comments and reviews about my work.

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