Best Hidden Sms Tracker For Your Child’s Phone

Are your kids in their teenage years? If yes then they must always be glued to the phone. If they spend too much time texting on their cell phones its natural for the parents to feel worried about their child’s safety.

If you face the same issue and if you are looking for a way to track your child’s phone, calls, sms, etc. then Hoverwatch has the solution for you. No more sleepless nights wondering what your child is doing on the phone, you will know exactly what they are up to. Not just kids, you can use this phone tracker for anyone’s phone.

sms tracker hidden

What Is A Mobile Tracker?

Mobile tracker is available on for free which allows you to track any cell phone you want. If you start tracking, you can read the SMS, record the call and can have an eye on the call history of that phone. Not just that you will be able to access and read all their whatsapp, snapchat, facebook, instagram and internet activity. You can even record their location and access their camera and contacts.

How To Use Hoverwatch Sms Tracker?

• Go to this link and sign up for a free online account. Just give your email id and password, and you will be done.
• After that, you need to download and install the free mobile tracker from the online account you just created
• And done, you can now monitor all the recorded data with the Call, GPS & SMS trackers for the phone in your online account.

Features Of Hoverwatch SMS Tracker

There are vast arrays of features available for the android mobile trackers. Some of the best features of the all in one mobile and SMS tracker are:

You Can Remain Completely Invisible – yes you might have a question that if I start tracking someone’s phone will they be able to understand it? The answer is no. There is an invisibility feature of the cell phone tracker which will make it completely hidden from the user even if they are completely aware of the working of their devices. The mobile tracker will remain untraceable and still collect the most accurate information about the monitored android device.
Record Text Messages, As Well As Calls– this SMS tracker for android devices, will let you record all the outgoing and incoming calls. Not just that you can view all the text and MMS messages send and received by the user using the sms tracker hidden app. In case you are wondering, yes you can track pictures sent and received via MMS as well.
Facebook And Whatsapp Tracking Feature– you can now track whoever you want and save every sing file including photos, videos, music and audio recordings received by them. You can also read their entire whatsapp and facebook conversations.
Geolocation – you can track and also view the location of the device that has been targeted. Your monitored device is tracked using Wi-Fi signals and cell towers thus you will be able to know about their whereabouts.
Front Camera Picture– there is an automatic front camera picture feature which will click a picture of the user every time they unlock their tracked device.
Track 5 Devices– if you install hoverwatch tracker for mobile and sms you can at once monitor 5 devices. Be it smart phones or laptops. So you can keep a check on your entire family and rest assured.
Internet Browsing History– if you are afraid about the safety of the websites your kids visit you can now track them and block them.


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