Symmetrical Logo Designs: Best Symmetrical Logo Design Examples

Symmetrical logo is the next big thing in logo design industry that has been used by logo design experts to create memorable and simple logos. Symmetrical logos are the logos created by flipping one side over other symmetrically and reusing it. This is very much similar to creating a mirror effect.

You will find that visuals are flipping from one side to another to get identical sides image used to create a symmetrical logo. It is believed that a creative Symmetrical logo with perfect identical sides provides a calming effect and signalizes a form of stability.

In the logo designing industry, nobody follow any rulebook to create a custom logo design. In fact, designers are using different techniques, tricks and logo trends to design a good logo that can attract one’s impression. As a fundamental design principle, designers are creating great logos by putting simplicity and symmetry as a design element together intelligently. In this post, we are going to present some beautiful and creative logo type – the Symmetrical logo designs. In this collection of Symmetrical logos, you will find different logos that can inspire you with good and fresh ideas.

Types of Symmetry
Symmetry as a part of design has been used to create balance, strong points of interest and visual stability which results in harmony. In design, the symmetry broadly categorized as reflection (bilateral), rotational (radial), and translational symmetry. When it comes to designing symmetrical logo, designers tend to use symmetry in numerous ways such as fourfold (three times at angles of 90°), turning element horizontally or vertically to occur twice or effect of reflection on water or shiny floor. Here, we have explained different types of symmetry forms with example. Take a look:
Reflection Symmetry

Reflection symmetry or Bilateral symmetry looks like a “mirror” effect created by simply reflecting image of one object across a plane to create another reflection similar to it. In the web design industry, logo design experts are used to take advantage of different type of reflections create with the central axis on any direction such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal and anything in between.

six revisions

Rotational Symmetry

Another type of symmetry is Rotational symmetry or Radial symmetry used by most of the designers to create patterns and designs portraying motion, action, and speed. To create design by using rotational symmetry form, designer need to rotate an object in a particular direction say horizontal, vertical, diagonal and anything in between around a center point on a static medium.


Translational Symmetry

In the Translational symmetry, designers used to relocate an object to another position by maintaining its general or exact orientation. Logo Design experts take advantage of translational symmetry forms to create patterns for website’s background.


Inspirational Symmetrical Logos
Here, we have put together a beautiful collection of Inspirational Symmetrical Logos designed by great designers using different types of symmetry forms. Take a look:

Brand berry

brand berry

Logo pond

logo pond

Logo from dreams

logo from dreams

Logo Gallery

Logo Gallery

Logo holik

logo holik



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