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We are one of the most popular weblog sites delivering useful information for web professionals. As a web community, Web Granth always be at a forefront to publish new ideas, emerging challenges, and cutting-edge technology and help thousands of fellow web developers, designers, marketers, and site owners. Remember Web Granth’s primary goal is to deliver quality and informative content useful for designers and web-developers.


Are you interested in becoming an author at Web Granth? We appreciate and welcome your participation for becoming an author (or reviewer) for Web Granth. We are always looking for people passionate about sharing new and brilliant ideas on Web design and Web development. We’d be happy to have you in our team of talented authors and reviewers.

Who can become a Web Granth’s Author or Reviewer ?

Every person who is quite passionate about writing can become Web Granth’s Author or Reviwer. Make sure you’re actually willing to write about. We believe that every article must be excellent for better contribution. At web Granth, you can share any practical insights, valuable tips, useful tutorials, brilliant ideas, latest design approaches and techniques etc., with our readers. Interestingly, you can even put a link of your website in the “About the author”-section in the article.


We have created a team of experts work as a test tube agreed to review all our articles before they get published. The team also called Web Granth Experts Panel who are supposed to check upcoming Web Granth’s articles thoroughly help to improve and maintain highest quality standard of articles. You can also want to become part of Web Granth Experts Panel and review our articles.

Reward and Compensation

Good news is every Reviewer or Regular Author will be paid by Web Granth. We will pay Regular Author US $50 cash for every article it publishes. Besides that, we will also reward you bonus for your article that receives more traffic. The total amount of money mainly depends on the length, quality and pageviews of the article. Similarly, every Reviewer will be paid on a payment-per-review basis.

Here, how it works:

  • Retainer (Author): US $50
  • Bonus payment for Author:
    • +$50 10,000 pageviews
    • +$100 25,000 pageviews
    • +$150 50,000 pageviews
    • +$200 75,000 pageviews
    • +$250 100,000 pageviews

How to Become a Regular Author (or Reviewer)

Please notice that it is not possible that every applicant will be accepted as a Regular Author or Reviewer. Make sure your application has to be very convincing. Please follow the following guidelines to become a Web Granth’s Regular Author (or Reviewer)


  • Contact us via online Contact us form
  • Give a brief description about yourself, your skills and your field of interests
  • Mention some URLs of your articles or blogs as a examples that represents your writing skills in your e-mail (please remember not to send large attachments)
  • Write about three article suggestions for topics of your field of interest and explore it further.

Our Topics

Our main topics of interests are the web design and web development. We are interested in the following topics:

  • CSS: theory, practice, ideas, techniques, creative solutions
  • JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, coding, programming
  • Web Design: showcases, guidelines, review of design, techniques and trends, tips
  • Typography: type design, font selection, techniques and tools
  • Graphic design: in-depth design articles, history of design, articles on particular aspect of design, fundamentals to advanced concepts etc.
  • Content Management System (CMS): open source CMS such as WordPress, Joomla etc……, e-commerce online shopping carts, CMS extensions and Plug-ins, tools and techniques, latest launch and development, Shopping cart options
  • Mobile: designing and developing for mobile devices, iPad, iPhone, Android
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, InDesign, GIMP
  • Time-Savers tools: useful tools and techniques for designers and web-developers
  • Usability, user experience and usability testing
  • E-Commerce: trends, techniques, conversion rates optimization
  • Copywriting and content strategy
  • Opinion pieces: your personal address to the design community
  • Freebies: icons, fonts, themes, templates, wallpapers, portraits
  • Ruby on Rails (tutorials, scalability, Case Studies)
  • PHP frameworks (CakePHP, CodeIgniter, symfony, …)
  • Any unique topics that provoke intellectual discussion and help our readers.

Submit News

You can even submit latest and interesting news with a short description in our user link submission section. The submitted news will get approved within 24 hours and appear in the sidebar. Remember that links will be approved by our Web Granth Expert Panel before they go live. Generally, we are interested in links to:

  • Useful resources
  • Downloads
  • Tutorials
  • Inspirational artwork





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