Array of Top 10 Free GUI PSD for Mobiles and iPads

This post of mine is a useful collection of Best GUI PSDs that can be used to customize the visual interface of phones and iPads in a delightful fashion. These top 10 GUI PSD and vector templates are the best way to achieve the best attraction for your best application.

When we go to buy the Apples from the market; we prefer the one which looks fresh and shiny. But why not the odd looking one even if we know that it is healthy and fresh too? The outlook interface of an article or service is the signature note of it. So when a user searches for the phone and iPad application, what could be its selection factors for him?

Usability of application
• Compatibility with device
• Cost of the service
• Easy use
• Troubleshooting and support

Are we missing something? Yes you are correct we are missing the most crucial part of selection; ‘GUI or Graphical User Interface’. When we can’t compromise for the appearance while even buying a single Apple than how can we do that for the useful mobile applications of  “Apple”?

The visual interface of the mobile application is the fundamental factor to dazzle and attract the user. Below are the collection of top 10 free Phone and iPad GUI PSD which can be easily used by the web designers to give a refreshing, delightful and attractive look to the applications and developments.

Android 1.6 Wireframe Stencil for Omnigraffle


Android 2.2 GUI


iPhone 4s white


RIM (Research In Motion) Blackberry PSD


Android GUI PSD v.1.0




HTC HD2 Smartphone PSD


Samsung Galaxy tab P1000.PSD


Apple iPad icon set


iPad Stencil for Omnigraffle


Most of the above stated GUI tools are free of cost and can be easily implemented. I hope this best collection of phone and iPad GUI PSD will surely help you to shine up the beauty of your applications and will provide a more customized user friendly interface. Please feel free to give me more suggestions about the latest GUI PSD; I will love to hear the comments and reviews about my work.

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