Has Apple Realized Its Mistake When It Left the Smaller Phone Market in 2014?

Out of the regular update schedule, Apple has released the iPhone 5SE. And while the phone has many features which we will mention below, is it a sign of acknowledgement that Apple made a mistake when it took the base screen size up to 4.7 inches when it introduced the iPhone 6?

In September 2013, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S as part of its regular update cycle. Six months after that, Apple had sold over 500 million units. After the release of the iPhone 6, however, during an earnings call CEO Tim Cooke declined to share the sales figures for the new model. While there is no doubt that it sold a tremendous amount, analysts believe the failure to present the figures prominently was due to the lower figures than its predecessor.

The key difference being that the iPhone 6 made the shift from a 4-inch screen to a 4.7-inch screen, leaving small-screen aficionados with no foreseeable Apple based upgrade path.

Enter the recently launched iPhone 5SE. Maintaining the original chassis design of the iPhone 5S, Apple unveiled an internally upgraded phone which appeals to users who were somewhat reluctant to transition from the hand-friendly size of the iPhone 5S. With the inclusion of Apple’s own A9 chip along with the M9 coprocessor, both of which are seen in Apple’s current flagship model the iPhone 6S, it appears as though Apple has realized its mistake in leaving these users in the dark.

Of course, it isn’t just current iPhone 5S users who will be happy about the upgrade. With the purchase of a new phone often comes the purchase of new accessories, however, this time around, accessory makers aren’t required to change their designs. This means that the extensive range of iPhone 5S accessories, such as the designer branded covers available at the Groupon Coupons page for 6pm for sprint are fully compatible with the new iPhone 5SE model. Not only is this good for accessory makers, but it also means that users have immediate access to an entire range of accessories without the usual wait time.

With a new upgrade path now in front of current iPhone 5S users, only time will tell if this is a truly appealing way forward for these users, or if it’s simply too little (pardon the pun) too late for loyalists who made the switch away from Apple once they believed they would never see a 4inch screen out of Apple again.


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