Google PR (PageRank) Update on 18th July 2011, Toolbar Page Rank Updated

About three weeks ago, i.e. on 27th June 2011, the Page Rank of millions of websites was updated. And very soon, it has been re updated yesterday on 18th July 2011. This was because lots of error has been found in the previous PR update. The major error in this update was that Google’s Page Rank went from 10 to 9 and Twitter’s went from 9 to 0. It was really the shocking news for all the webmasters and hence they started enquiring regarding all these that how it has happened.

After going through a little bit of investigation, conclusion has been found that Google PR algorithm has suffered from some errors. Some bugs have been detected in the Google PR algorithm. Hence it was decided that the Page rank of millions of websites should be re-updated in order to clarify the issues. It is due to all these reasons that Google has re-updated the page rank of millions of websites within such a short span of time. The newest PR update has changed the things resolving all the issues now.

In the Google PR which has been updated yesterday on 18th July 2011, Now Google and twitter has retained its page rank. Once again Google has a PR10 and Twitter a PR9. Also, apart from these two problems, thousands of other websites which has got wrong PR has also retained its previous positions. Some of the site which has randomly got the highest PR, while some has the lowest has regained their previous PR. For example, sites that went from PR1 to PR6 “regained” their previous PR, sites that went from PR4 to PR1 regained their PR and others kept their “positions” without any movement.


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