Android Tips & Tricks: 20 Best Functionalities About Android Smartphone

Android has become the topmost used platform all around the world. According to the estimation, it has been evaluated that more than 75% of smartphone users use Android based smartphones. In the near future, the percentage of Android users will boom. This platform has impressed the millions of people with its easy-to-use interface and feature-rich applications. There are various things in this platform that smartphone users do not know. That’s why, this blog showcases some of the amazing Android Tips and Tricks that empower you to enhance the usability of Android smartphones.

Android smartphone has got millions users. Many users are not aware some of the important features of Android that they can access easily, instead they install the third-party application to use the specific feature or they just keep wondering about the specific functionality. Therefore, this blog comes with a collection of amazing Android tips and tricks.

We have collected all the tips and tricks from different sources on the Internet. These tips will definitely help you improve the efficiency of your Android smartphone.

1. Customize Data Limit

We all have limited data plan, hence it is necessary that before we exceed the data limit, we will alert message, so that we can recharge the data plan or use the internet carefully. In the Android, there is a feature in Setting that enables you to customize data limit according to your data plan. Below are the step by step Android tips to set the data limit:

  • Navigate to the Settings. There you will find Data Usage, tap on this.
  • Set data limit by dragging the orange line (which reflects the monthly pack).
  • Set data usage cycle (White colored 2 vertical lines) that states, when the month starts and ends.

Now, customizing of data limit is done. The mobile phone will alert us, when we trigger the limit that we have set.

Customizing Data Usage

2. Set Default App

Some of the particular tasks are run by default applications. For example, in most of the Android phones, Chrome is by default set for opening the web links. If you want to change this or other default application, then follow the below given Android tricks:

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps.
  • Choose the app (that you want to remove as default).
  • Click Clear defaults.

Set Default app

3. Personalizing App Updates

The Play Store automatically updates all the applications. We all know that updates are required, but not for all the applications. When Play Store automatically update all the apps, it costs lots of data usage. Thus, it is preferred to manually select the required apps updates. This is possible with the help of following Android tips:

  • Go to Play Store> Settings.
  • Click Auto-update apps
  • Select “Do not auto-update apps”

For enabling the auto updates, you have to do the same and choose the “Auto-update apps at any time” .

Personnilizing auto app updates

Note: To update the apps manually, follow the below given Android tricks:

  • Open the Play Store
  • Swipe in from the left on the main screen and Tap on My apps
  • Now, tap on the apps that are available with pending updates. The selected application will get updated. If you want to update all at once, then just click “Update All”.

4. Turn Off App Notifications

The app notifications sometimes annoy us a lot. Moreover, it also drains the battery power. Hence it is better to disable the app notification. For this, here are the “Android Tips”:

  • Go to Setting>Application Manager, choose the application (of which, you want to disable notification)
  • Uncheck the “Show Notifications” and press “OK”

disable app notification

Note: Above tricks are for Jelly Bean and above versions.

5. Provides Information To Finder Of Your Lost Phone

Most of us keep our phone password-protected that minimizes the chance for getting our lost phone back because if someone finds our phone, then they will not be able to actually contact us. There are simple “Android Tricks” that help the finder knows about you without unlocking the phone.

  • Go to Setting, then Tap on Screen Lock
  • Owner Info Tab will be displayed
  • Tap On Owner Info, and then enter your Email Address, Home, Phone, Address, and other basic information.

These information will be displayed on your phone’s lock screen

Finder Of Your Lost Phone

6. Enhance Battery Life By Turning OFF Heavy Application

Is your battery dying faster, don’t worry, there is a trick that can save your battery life.

  • Navigate to Setting>Apps
  • Swipe to Running Tab there you will see the app’s information “processing & battery power”. By using this information, you will see the applications that are consuming lots of power. If you don’t want that app running all the time, then Tap the app then, click “Quit Button”.

App info

7. Adding Difficult Word To Phone’s Dictionary

It is difficult to type a hard word with the help of touchscreen keyboard. Fortunately, you can add the difficult words in your phone’s dictionary by just following the below given Android tips:

  • Type complicated word in text box
  • Hold the word with your fingers until it gets highlighted & underlined.
  • The other way is Tap “Add To Dictionary” button in the text box, the word will be added in the phone’s dictionary.

Phone’s Dictionary
For Android KitKat Platform, below is video that showcases simple method to add word in the dictionary.

8. Add More Than One Google Accounts

Some of the people own multiple Google accounts for different purposes. On Android phone, you can access the multiple accounts by following the below given steps:

  • Navigate to Settings, then Go to Add account.
  • Select Google, then set New or Existing Google account.
  • Once added, select the account that you want to sync

Add Google account

9. Checking Out Android System Updates

To check for Android system updates:

  • Navigate to Settings and then, go to About phone/tablet.
  • Click System updates.
  • Tap Check now (to know about system updates).

Check Android System Update

10. Disabling Auto-Correction Feature

Sometimes, the auto-correction feature hampers our typing speed. Therefore, below are simple Android tricks to turn off auto-correction features. Let’s have a glance:

  • Navigate to Settings > Language & input
  • Click the settings icon next to the keyboard that you are using
  • Tap on Auto-correction and then, select Off to disable auto-correction

Autocorrection Off

11. Switch Off Mobile Data

Keeping the mobile data enabled can drain your battery at faster rate. Thus, it is necessary to turn off the mobile data, when not in use. To disable the mobile data, just follow the below given Android Tricks:

  • Go to Settings and then, to Data Usage.
  • Disable Mobile data by just toggling from ON to OFF.

Switch Off Mobile Data

12. Organize Shortcut at Android Home Screen

Everyone likes to keep everything organized on their home screen, so that they can access the desired application easily. To organize the shortcuts at the Android, here is a video that presents the step by step Android tricks for organizing shortcut at the home screen.

13. Managing Bandwidth By Chrome Browser at Android

Chrome browser at Android has evolved to the powerful web surfing platform. Now, you can set the bandwidth at Chrome browser that will help you minimize the usage of data. To do this, follow the below given Android tricks:

  • Open Chrome Browser
  • Tap on Setting Bar, the page will appear showing “Bandwidth Management” panel
  • Tap on Bandwidth Management, the two options will appear “Preload Webpage” and other is “Reduce Data Usage”
    bandwidth management
  • Enable “Reduce data usage” as this will compress the web pages and minimize the amount of serving data by using Google’s server.

14. Set Up Shortcut For Important Contact On Home Screen

Most of us have contacts that we often call. We all know that it takes time to search the particular contact and make a call. But, there is an easier way to make a call that is making the shortcut at the home screen. For making the shortcut of the contacts, follow the Android tips given below:

  • Go to contacts, Search the particular contact
  • Hold the contacts, until a menu is displayed. Select “Add shortcut to home” or Place on Home screen. In different versions, different options will be displayed

Creating Shortcut Contact

After doing this, the contact’s image will appear on the home screen.

15. Create Backup On Android Phone

With the help of creating a Backup, we can keep our application and application’s data safe. Here is the video that showcases the systematic approach to create backup on Android phone:

16. Add Dedicated Number Row To the Keyboard

The dedicated number row in the keyboard eases the way for typing the message. For customizing the keyboard, you need to install “Google Keyboard”. After completing installation follow the step by step Android tricks that have been given below:

  • Go to the Setting Screen of Keyboard
  • Tap on layout and appearance option and select customized keyboard option
  • In Language, enter the language and in layout enter the “PC”. Now the number row will appear.

Number keyboard

17. Enabling Google Search From Anywhere

Google has now released an update for Google Search that can enable you to access the google by just saying “Ok Google”. Download google search and follow the below given tips:

  • Open the Google Search app
  • Navigate to Setting > Voice
  • Go to “Ok Google Detection”
  • Enable “From any screen”

google search by voice

18. Detect and Erase All Data of Lost Phone Remotely

Everyone has the vulnerable data in their phone that can lead to big problem, when the phone is in wrong hand. But, there are some Android tricks that help you locate your lost phone as well as delete the data remotely. For this, you need to install Android Device Manager. After completing installation, follow the below given Android Tips:

  • Navigate to
  • Choose your phone from the menu
  • Now you will get the location of your phone, ring it, lock it or erase it whatever you wish.

Remotely Control the phone

19. Using Google Maps Offline

There is a situation, when you are in such a place, where the internet network is not reachable and you want to us Google map. In this case, you can download the specific area on the map and use it in the difficult times. For doing this, below are the Android tips:

  • Go to Google Maps for Android & mark the desired map on the screen.
  • Tap On “Make this map area available offline”. After clicking, the approximate size of area will appear. If it is large, then it will ask you to mark the smaller area.

You can download around 6 maps in the device.

Offline Map full

20. Add Signature To Your Mail Account

Here are the simple Android Tips that can help you add the signature to your mail account:

  • Open the “Email” app. Click on the Menu button. Navigate to Settings.
  • Click the email account and then Tap ‘Signature’.
  • Write a signature and tap “OK” for submitting.

Mail Signature


These Android Tip & Tricks will definitely help you manage and use your Android phone smartly. If you find anything missing in the list, you can share with us by writing at the comment section given below.

Top 20 Android Tips & Tricks: Explore The Unprecedented Functionality


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