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In this post I had provided all the ‘need to know knowledge’ about the Android Application development. For my readers I am also providing a list of ’most popular’ Android Applications. You can easily download these applications with the aid of provided Download Tab.

As I had promised you in my last post (Mobile Application Development) to provide you a brief knowledge about the individual mobile application parts; here I am with my post on the ‘Android App development’.

‘Android-an automaton in the form of human being’ this is the actual meaning of Android. Theoretically it may not fit the definition but practically it is the perfect description for this Mobile operating system. Android is not a new word for any mobile user; the popularity of this MOS has imprinted its special effect on the vast world of mobile technology. At the starting age, Android was not less than a magic for the user and up till now it is surprising us with the latest and innovative technical trends.

Android is on the top list of ‘World Wide Smartphone sale‘; the nearest competitor among this list lacks behind Android with an unbeatable share margin of nearly 70%. To give you a brief view about the current market trend; I am providing you a comparing graph which is based on the Gartner’s 2012 report.

Android Application Development

In the year 2012; Android has currently reached 179596 thousand units of Smartphone sales and it is still increasing.

History Mystery

The fabulous technology of Android is a result of innovative ideas of Andy, Rich, Nick and Chris in the October 2003. Android was designed to diminish the gap between humans and machines; it was targeted to make a mobile platform that understands humans and they effectively did their job. Android was the favorite topic of critics at its birth age. Believe it or not but Android has registered the slowest start among all the leading mobile operating system.

In the year 2005, Google acquired Android Inc. and put the most risky step in the mobile industry. After a long break; Google answered all the rumors on 23 September, 2008 with the launch of first Android device. This device (HTC Dream) was packed with unbelievable applications and was looked as the opening door for the new generation of mobile phones. In March 2009 Android launched its online application store with 2300 mobile applications which is raised to a total no. of 600,000 applications in June 2012.

Infographics of Android

Below is a graphical representation of Android market growth that clearly demonstrates the increasing demand of Android mobile Applications.

Android market growth

Android Application Development is the process of creating mobile applications for Android platform. It is the latest fashion in the mobile application market. The increasing no. of users on the Android MOS has escalated the demand of more interesting and useful applications. These applications are used by the business machines to promote their business; to get revenue from the Ads and to make profit by selling them to the user with a tag price. Beside with the dazzling present of this technology it assures a sound future too.

To show you some of the mile stone in the Android applications; I am providing you the list of Top Android Applications. These applications are at the peak of downloading counts as well as user all around the world. You can easily download these applications directly from the link provided You too can take inspirations from these applications to create a masterpiece by your own.

Top Android Application


Facebook application is the most downloaded application in the market. This application has over 100 million installs. You can easily access and explore your Facebook account with the aid of this amazing application. It is free of cost and can be easily downloaded.

Google Map

Go anywhere without asking for the ways with your Android Smartphone. Google map provides you the maps of every country, every city and even every local place.

Angry Birds

Awarded as the ‘Best casual game’ in 2010, ‘Application of the year’ in 2011 and ‘Best game for handheld devices’ in 2012; Angry bird is one of the most popular game in all over the globe.

Adobe Flash Player 11

This utility application is downloaded by every user who wants the mobile device compatible with the flash player. It is the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Gmail App

Gmail App facilitates its user to access their Gmail account more professionally and easily on the mobile devices. You can easily check your inbox, send and save the mail or can even access the profiles of your circle.

Street View on Google Map

This is one of the latest and most amazing mobile application offered free of cost by Google. It allows you to see the panoramic and 3D view of the streets and areas in the Google Map.

Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search application allows you to search the queries on Google with the voice command. It is most popular among the HTC mobile phones.

Google Gesture Search

Now search the content of your phone by the gesture touch with this innovative Google Gesture search Application.

Tiny flash light + LED

Tiny Flash light is among one of the most useful application available. It allows you to use the flash light of your mobile device as a torch. Even if your camera doesn’t possess the feature of Flash light; you can use your screen to glow as a torch Bulb.

I hope that you will now be much mastered on the topic of ‘Android Application Development‘. In my next post i will put the spot light on the most popular topic ‘iPhone Application Development’. Keep tracking to Keep updating.


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