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All-in-one designer Tool from inkyROBO is the perfect designing and printing solution to let the users create personalized designs on a range of products. With All-in-one designer tool, it is now possible for the end users to pick the product of their choice and add text and background images etc. and order them for printing. For all the printing agencies and the e-commerce websites that wish to offer their customers the power to craft their own designs, this PrintAll online tool is a boon.

What sets the All-in-one Designer Tool from inkyROBO apart is the simplistic design of the tool that enables the end users, with no prior experience of designing, create beautiful designs on a range of products. As a printing business owner, you can add as many products as you want from the backend of the tool which your users can pick and design. The backend of the All-in-one Designer tool makes it extremely easy for the business owners to manage the level of customization and also set the price for each of the customizations that the users are making in the product.

all in one product designer

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There are many custom design software out there in the market that cater specific product designing such as t-shirts, coffee mugs etc. However, the All in one designer tool from inkyROBO has this advance feature that makes it capable of designing a vast range of products. We will deal with the features, unique qualities, list of products that can be designed, and other attributes of the tool in subsequent sections.

All in one Designer Tool

The Comprehensive List Of Features That All in one Design Tool Boasts

  • The interface of the tool, whether it is back-end or front-end, is high on simplicity.
  • Using the backend of the tool, any number of products can be added and placed under different categories and subcategories.
  • Different views of the product can be created that also may have different design areas and background color etc.
  • The text and images (overlay or background) etc. added to the product design are shown as layer and can be managed by shifting up or down to change their priority.
  • A similar interface is also made available to the end users and they can also add and manage the layers.
  • Each layer that is added to the design has a setting option which can be used to set fonts, color, objects and alignments.
  • The customizations applicable for the products can be set from the backend and price for all such customizations can also be set.
  • The draw area of every product that is added to the tool can be set by specifying the dimensions.
  • Font, color scheme, and font size can be set for each text that is added to the design by the end users.
  • Images can be put to their best use through this tool as different types of images such as overlay images, background images, and regular images can be added to the product design.
  • After the design creation is over, the users can preview the design, add the product to the cart and also download the design.

PrintAll in one Designer Tool

How Different is All in one Designer Tool From Others

The All-in-one print design tool from inkyROBO is different from other such tools on many fronts. First, it does away with the regular drag and drop functionalities and second, the tool has a better layer management feature. The tool is multipurpose in true sense. Using this All-in-one design tool, the products that can be designed are t-shirts, coffee-mugs, key chains, Greeting cards, bags, bottles and many such stuff. As the tool has been built using the most advanced technologies, its quality is beyond any doubt. Installation and configuration of the All in one design tool is also a breeze for the users.

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