AJAX & JavaScript Indexing Enabled Through Google Now

Google turns out to be a wonder tool for making our various tasks easy and simple, this time it has come up with serving a platform to implement AJAX & JavaScript for Indexing purposes. On November 1, 2011, Matt Cutt verified with his Tweets that Google has now the ability to implement AJAX & JavaScript for Indexing ends.


He actually wrote

matt-cutts-twitter conversation

A large number of webmaster was waiting in the hope of a smarter web technology that can execute the java script and Ajax for indexing purposes. This technology enables the search engines to read the comments written in Ajax and Javascript for instance it can now read Facebook comments and other similar content uploaded on the websites through these languages. Earlier, it was believed that search engines may face issues in accessing Ajax and Java Script based content and this is the reason that drives back the advancement process of web technological development.

Since, web masters were aware of the fact that their content created in Ajax and JavaScript will not read by Google, so they always averted from using this technologies. Now, Google has solved this matter for crawl and indexing problems for Ajax and JavaScript technologies.

According to many web development researchers Google has gone very slow in taking this step as action. They believe that, it is entirely the job of a search engine to do indexing of the content on web; Google has taken a very long time to react over this issue of reading Ajax a technology that initiated by Microsoft 10 years ago. Working over this technology was suggestible as a web search dominating power which was hidden earlier. It was the fault of Google to keep neglecting the innovative ideas for advancements. The soul role of Google as a search engine is to facilitate the user for better search. However, due to its inabilities of reading content based on Ajax and JS it was impossible to get updated for comments through web search. On the contrary some researchers believe that using Ajax and is not simple as Ajax is method to grab the data of the site but most of the time it’s captured by a something that a user can only do. One cannot expect from a search engine crawler to observe over the activities of the clicks.

Therefore, there are endless speculation and beliefs of different people in different manner over this issue. But for the user viewpoint, it is obviously a good announcement.

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