ServerClub: Affordable & Reliable Dedicated Hosting Service Provider

You obviously cannot take chances with such hard earned incoming traffic. You need to find a highly reliable yet affordable hosting provider that can help you concentrate on propagating your business instead of worry about the hosting nitty-gritty's.

Now that you are interested and reading this post, it is evident that your online business has grown beyond opting for shared or VPS hosting and congratulations for that. It is probably the time that you need a dedicated server to cater to your website’s heavy traffic.

Dedicated hosting is opted by any webmaster to provide best on site experience for the audience of heavy traffic websites or sites that have heavy functionality where data downloading, uploading, video cum audio streaming, trading through e-commerce carts is involved. Serverclub is an Amsterdam based hosting service provider with servers located in Amsterdam and Texas. Serverclub’s prime principal is ‘providing effective, prompt, professional and free customer service.’

Reasons why Serverclub could be the best dedicated server hosting for you:

  • Complete Access – Most of Serverclub’s plans include Dell’s technology that allows user to access his server as easy as an operating command line on a personal desktop.
  • Backup Options – Severclub providers back up facility through an alternate server on customer’s request in case of any possible downtime alarms to be double sure that your site is up and running 24 x 7 x 365 hassle free.
  • Wide Range of Configurations – Serverclub comes with a wide range of server configuration options (over 10 alternatives) with the vision to meet any type of customer’s requirements in terms of bandwidth, memory, and fee. Alternatively the option to specify custom configuration also exists.
  • Instant Setup – Serverclub offers and instant setup of dedicated servers for your website that takes less than an hour. All you need to do is to select a predefined configuration, sign up and you are good to go. In case, you need a custom configuration, it happens quickly as well (within 24 hours).
  • Multiple payment plans – One can choose between three options of payment which are
  1. Brustable plan wherein you pay for Mbit/Sec.
  2. Limited volume traffic plan wherein you pay for Gbytes.
  3. Unlimited traffic plan wherein you need to be concerned about the consumption of bytes and bits.Also Serverclub allows you to pay through various channels like PayPal and WebMoney.
  • Demo – The best part and unique feature dedicated server hosting Serverclub provides is testing the admin panel before signing up. You can have access to the demo login option on Serverclub website and try out its service beforehand. You will notice that the stuff is quite intuitive and made for the both pros and newbie webmasters.
  • Dedicated Customer Support – Serverclub has a dedicated customer support through email. It provides separate lines for grievances, finance and setup support so that no-one is neglected. Choose the hosting company that gives great customers support and also should be affordable as well.

Final Words

With so many lucrative and captivating features Serverclub can prove to be a right choice for dedicated server hosting. If still not clear about it, you better try the demo login and decide for yourself.




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