Advantages of Using Twitter for Small Business

Social media platforms excel at bringing together small businesses and consumers. Twitter can put you in direct contact with your customers, potential customers, co-workers, or other associates. Meaningful work relationships are nurtured and grown through regular interaction. The user simply must be aware of some of the Do’s and Do Not Do’s for a small business on Twitter.

Twitter is a social media platform, not a marketing platform. Do not spend all your time simply propagating your own information or trying to pass along marketing information. You will get unfollowed very quickly. Definitely take the time to socialize with other users that interest you. Users are a lot more receptive if they know there is an actual person behind your account instead of just a bot.

Pass along tweets and information that you find interesting to your followers. A majority of your tweets should not be about you or your content at all. Instead, build rapport with other users by passing along their information so that they will want to do the same for you. Few people are going to take the time out of their schedule to retweet your information if your account is a black hole for theirs.

Think of Twitter like a cocktail party rather than a one-on-one conversation. There are several different conversations all going on at once that you can hear bits and pieces of. That does not mean you have to be involved in every single conversation. You are going to end up glossing over quite a few of them, and that’s alright! Don’t spend all your time attempting to keep up with every post in your feed. You will not be able to.

Twitter is an excellent place to really expand on your knowledge if you find the right people to interact with. Interact with other professionals in your discipline or take the opportunity to poll users about potential developments on the horizon. An audience is always quick to offer an opinion even when it is not asked for. Take advantage of it!

Building a network of people followed and followers is a balance. If you go too far to either side of the spectrum, users may mistake your account as a spam or junk marketing account. However, if you add a number of people and give them some time to add you, your growth will be and appear organic. A great way to find people to follow is through Twitter’s own internal search. There are also third party directories where people can list themselves based on interests. After you find interesting people to follow, follow some of the same people they do.

Though it is a good idea to promote your followers messages, do not neglect your own! Use the opportunity to direct people to specific points on your blog or business website. Hook the reader in with a question and then have the answer in a quality text at the target link. Providing useful information that people can learn from will make them want to see what you have to say when you are ready to.

Twitter is a powerful tool when it is used well. It is one of the few mediums that can easily simulate viral marketing if you happen to be lucky enough. Take the time to master your Twitter usage to promote your small business. You won’t be disappointed.

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