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Welcome to Webgranth – a complete online magazine and weblog founded in 2011 aimed to deliver useful, contemporary, innovative and comprehensive information to web designers and developers. Webgranth is always driven by an enthusiastic spirit of responsibility to inform our readers about the latest trends and techniques in Web development, Web design and other areas. Since inception, we have been known as an independent community by our readers because of high quality of information and not with the quantity of the information we present.

Behind Webgranth, there is a company called Sparx IT Solutions – a well known company in the web design and web development industry. Today, Webgranth and its network of websites reach over 10 million unique visitors in various countries across the globe. As an independent community, we have been well nourished by the gratitude of our valuable benefactors and contributors supporting us to produce wide information treasure of high-quality articles, resources and tools out there for everybody.

Webgranth provides a solid platform for thousands of talented and hard-working professionals to share their new insight from their work in different areas. We always welcome creative people who come up with brilliant ideas and want to share their valuable industry experience with fellow readers. Webgranth has been powered by the reach of robust and modular social networking via Facebook, Twitter etc.

We are dedicated to obsessively deliver current news and development useful for our respective readers especially web developers and web designers. The content published on Webgranth are objective to present noteworthy tips, useful guidelines, excellent tutorials, helpful tools, modern web applications, design and development resources related to fonts, Photoshop, CSS, jQuery, web design, graphics, typography, advertising, SEO, HTML, WordPress and much much more.

We thank David Meyer (our first external authors), Williams Heilmann, Leander crow; our regular authors Steven Bowen, Christian McGee, Rinniee Ginsburg, Bryan Lazaris and, finally, the readers of Web Granth.


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