A Well Balanced Strategy for Newly Launched Website

A solid and well balanced web strategy is needed to deliver a site that gives users the experience they are looking for. This well balanced web strategy includes several aspects such as content, usability, strong SEO practices, social media, pay per click (PPC) and many others. All these combined together set a solid foundation for any newly launched website. Today, so many sites tempt the webmasters or bloggers to skip the basics and dive headfirst into the social media and SEO techniques.

It is often seen that businesses of all sizes are pigging out on social media without putting much of its efforts into forging a solid foundation built on a user-friendly web experience and great content which is really not considered as the good practice for any webmasters or site owners.

Website designing is one such field which when employ a solid web strategies can offer a much greater users experience. The observation details and statistics says that most of the popular websites such as Twitter or Twitter may be phenomenal still they may not be as user- friendly due to web designing inconsistencies. Most of the web experts and professionals advise that reinventing content, redirecting traffic, implementing strong SEO practices, effective use of social media lays the solid foundations of any website turning into a huge visitor’s traffic. Collecting all these points together, we have gathered here some of the most important aspects forming in the shape of pyramid which can make a website user friendly driving a huge visitor’s traffic. We are explaining this as under below; so let’s have a look over them:


The first prime thing which comes when we plan to launch any website is the contents of the website. It is the content of the website which lays the foundation of any site and upon which every other facet of the design pivots. It is generally said that “Content is the king” for any website which is absolutely right. It is the content that acts as fuel driving all other efforts and selling the integrity of the site. For example let us suppose you site has a stunning design but very poor content or not as sufficient content which can inform your visitors about what your site is about, none of the visitors will stick to it. Thus much attention is needed to the quality of content being posted on a website as it speaks volumes about the professionalism of the hosts.

Thus it is proved that enriching your site with dynamic content is one of the best ways to get a great start for your website. If a webmaster is providing unique, compelling as well as interesting content in their website, it means that he/she is giving a fantastic foundation to build on. Also it should be noted that the content you are providing must be web oriented; it must not contain lengthy phrases and complicated terminologies which can become ambiguous to the readers. This is because these kinds of contents distracts the readers or visitors from the true message and does not coincide with illustrations or graphics. Also, when you are launching a blog website you should primarily focus on uniqueness of contents being posted on your site.


The second thing which takes immense importance in any website is the usability or design of that particular website. It should be noted that complex navigation, poor use of whitespace, distracting graphics or animations, and a vast array of other UX missteps can prove highly negative to your site and can destroy your hope of converting most of the visit into sale, or a follower into a raving fan. It is most often seen that many of the websites lose their usefulness due to poor usability or design as visitors cannot find what they are looking for. Being a web designer, your prime concern should be to create the most efficient user friendly environment on the website. Thus a website must be designed keeping usability point of view in mind because it is the important aspect which drives the visitors; it really won’t matter that your site is filled with fantastic content if it has poor usability or design.


Once the content and usability or design purpose is successfully fulfilled, a designer should concentrate on applying different SEO tricks and techniques. A sound SEO strategy is the secret of success of any website providing it high ranking in the search engines. And the real secrets to SEO basically depend upon the relevant content and usability of the website. So, if a website having well written content focused to the needs of the users, it means that it is in good progress down the road to effective SEO. Basically two types of SEO strategy are followed on any website.

On page SEO

In the on page SEO we basically focus on the keywords in the content which users basically search for. Then we concentrate on headings (i.e. H1, H2, and H3) and titles. It should be noted that the title must e in H1 form and must reflect the keywords and topics of the contents. These are the things which are considered in the on page SEO. Various tools like Google Insights, WordTracker and others prove useful in this.

Off Page SEO

: In the off page SEO, we do things off site in order to improve sites search engine rankings. In this we generally create back links, more links generally lead to better Google Page Rank and better search engine rankings. These are accomplished by submission of contents to different sites, bookmarking, and directory submission and so on.

Social Media

Just as spices add taste to the delicious meals, social media works well in the promotion of websites, and the products, brands and services displayed by it. Once a rock foundation of content, usability, and SEO is established, social media add a good stuff to any website. Social Media promotion gives you the power to take an active role in managing your brand by creating interactive profiles with your product/service information. Various social networking sites like Reddit, Digg, Twitter, and StumbleUpon play a vital role in promoting your site via its services and ensure your site is indexed in search engines as fast as possible. No doubt social media has become a great technique which really works greatly for the promotion of site and hence business all over the world.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Now, we have set almost all the strategies such as great content, a user-friendly interface, SEO, and Social Media in a well balanced manner , just let us add a little bit of PPC. Actually, Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. PPC can play a major role in promoting the business depending upon the need.


Of the above discussed well balanced web strategies, Content, Usability and SEO takes of prime importance. Social Media also does well in boosting the productivity and site’s performance. The importance of each explained strategies has its own importance. For example: SEO and PPC especially take immense importance when a small or medium business is selling a complex product to a small niche market, social media campaign becomes quite important for blogging websites and so on. But every web designer should take care of the basics as these are needed in any kind of websites for promotion of any businesses.

Rinniee Ginsburg

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