A Review of AidaForm Online Form Builder

Online forms can be useful in a number of different ways. Often, they are used to gather feedback from the customers, conduct market research, register users, collect information for orders and payments, or even provide a convenient method of getting in touch.

The problem you may face however is that creating online forms on your own is not easy. And, handling the code that is required to customize a form, can be difficult. But, with a platform like AidaForm Online Form Builder, it does not have to be.

Overview of AidaForm

AidaForm is a platform that helps to create, publish, and collect data via online forms. Its features are geared around making it as easy as possible to purpose-built online forms of all types, and that will meet your exact requirements.

To use AidaForm, all you need to do is sign up for a free account. That will give you access to its features and you can start to use its website forms builder to create forms of your own.

The interface of AidaForm is clean and simple, and will let you build your form without handling any code. Instead, you just need to drag and drop the elements that you want to add into place, and can structure and customize the form by adjusting its settings.

Key Features

The features in AidaForm should provide you with a better idea of its capabilities. Some of the key features that are particularly noteworthy include:

  • Extensive selection of field elements such as radio buttons, text fields, dropdown lists, Google Maps, file uploads, rating scales, CAPTCHA, and much more.
  • Simple field settings that you can use to customize the label, hint, and error message for the fields that you add.
  • Numerous smart themes that can be applied with a single click to alter the appearance of your forms, and customized as required.
  • Embed or direct-link publishing options that you can use to insert forms into websites or link to them on social media and other platforms.
  • Response notifications that can be set up so that you know immediately when a response has been submitted to your form.
  • Web-based data visualization to conveniently view the data that has been collected.
  • Options to export data as Google Sheets or Excel documents.
  • Third-party integration with other platforms such as Google Sheets, MailChimp, PayPal, as well as many others via Zapier.

As you can see the features in AidaForm encompass everything you will need to create all types of forms including surveys, polls, feedback forms, contact forms, registration forms, and anything else.


If you already have a specific type of form that you want to create, you should give AidaForm a try and see how it works. It will just take a minute or two for you to create a simple form, and not much more than that to experiment with its features.

All in all, you should find that if you want to purpose-built online forms, there is no easier or faster way than by using AidaForm.



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