A review of Advanced Web Ranking SEO Tool

Recently, Google updated the accessibility to their PageRank reporting tool, Keyword tool and the way they allow third parties to query their database.As what often happens when Google makes a significant change, many external companies went completely high and dry, belly up, dead, after this big change.

Most regular web searchers didn’t really notice this change as it was not a search engine algorithm update but more of a back end functionality update that affected us SEO guys and web owners that are interested in tracking their website rankings accurately ass well as manage their website backlinks.

The program I was using (that I really liked) went completely bust, it no longer worked. I have 38 personal sites and countless clients that I monitor the search engine rankings and manage the backlinks for, this was unacceptable.

I, like you, rely on this information in an accurate and timely way, I want hands-on, push-button control or where I am in all the major search engines at any one time.

So desperately I began to shop around for replacement program.

After scrutinizing several different programs throughout the day, none of them seemed particularly suited for my needs, I went to the Advanced Web Ranking website.

Que the glory hallelujah background music. As if the clouds parted and atop a ray of sunlight (as it beamed down on my computer keyboard) I found Advanced Web Ranking SEO Software. At the AWR website I clicked on the “compare editions” button (like we all would do) to get the most important information first: what’s the cost and what do I get?

I was happy to see that they had four different editions for four very different types of users. Heck, even the POWER user is represented with their AWR Server package. Nice.

So based on their product break down I landed in what they term as the “Enterprise” version of the software, it suites me quite well because I want to do things like:

  • Research Keywords
  • Check Google Page Rank for many sites (and many keywords for each site)
  • Use custom filters
  • Export my rank data

Perfecto. Like all web users (and yes I am including you in this statement) I don’t want to blindly buy any ‘ol piece of software based on the hype presented on their site, I want to kick the tires.

Free trial baby!

Advanced Web Rankings allows for a generous 30 day trial of their three most popular licenses (standard, professional and enterprise). That’s long enough for me to test this software to death. If it is still standing after 30 days, it’s a keeper and I would gladly pay the full asking price, because it’s worth it.

Well I am not disappointed at all. Like I said, I am running 38 sites as well as another 10 clients, so I need a place to track all those keywords and domains and specific pages.

Advanced Web Rankings handled that nicely.

I also like to pop out tidy reports to my clients with my own logo at the top, so I look super professional. As if I have this custom, in-house software that I spent $30,000 making just for them. Cool, AWR does that too.

Here’s a screenshot of how nice the interface is:
[screenshot 1]

As you can see I can track all my sites simultaneously on one screen. Um, this alone made me purchase the software. Other competitors make me have separate projects for each website, making it a hassle to see individual site information.

I want it all in one spot, with one interface and Advanced Web Ranking does just hat for me.

My search was successful and I have found a new product that will allow me to continue tracking my websites as well as my clients with ease. However, I found a second tool at the AWR site that I would like to mention (since you have been following along this far) and that is the Advanced Link Manager software provided by the same company (Caphyon makes both products by the way).

Rewind the hallelujah music and repeat for the second ray of light that fell from the parted clouds again onto my laptop keyboard. Advanced Link Manager is just what the doctor ordered for my quest in #1 rankings.

This product provides you with a key thing: website optimization for targeted keywords. Yes, it will analyze the page you are optimizing for and give you a report on what you need to change, enhance or even tone-down on that page to full optimize it for that keyword.

Let’s face it, SEO is getting more and more competitive each day, getting to number one on the engines is harder and harder. You need tools to make your life easier and to catch the things, the little mistakes that you may miss. This page optimization is beautiful for that.

I don’t know about you but when it comes to ranking my sites (and thus earning my living) I am very aggressive when it comes to promoting my site(s) and those that I work for. This software gives me great a SEO advantage over my competitors in that I can track their SEO efforts with comprehensive competitive analysis tools. I love this stuff, because I can see where my competitor’s ranking strength is coming from and where their ranking weaknesses lay.

I also like the automated reports feature so that I can just get an email updating where my competitors are and what they have been doing lately.

I can also manage my reciprocal link building, something that I find to be a HUGE time suck and tedious as you know what. Just this feature alone in Advanced Link Manager is worth it in my humble opinion.

Actually, I lied, there is another really super nice feature that I like about this software, and I like it more than the reciprocal link manager.. and that is the triggers functionality. I can define a specific search engine ranking event (like a drop in the rankings) to trigger an email that alerts me my site went down in the search engines and I can immediately react to it and pop it back up (to position one we are assuming here).

To make a long article short, I could go on about Advanced Link Manager and Advanced Web Ranking and the many professional grade functions these two piece of software provide. All I can do is encourage you to visit thier site and try the 30 day full feature trial and see for yourself. Have fun, happy SEOing !


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