A Detailed Introduction to Internet Trolling

Most of you might have heard the term "Internet Trolling". Many of you have also your own experiences of being trolled some time. And some of you might also have gone through the dilemma of quitting social media because of "Internet Trolling". Do you know what does the term "Internet Trolling" means for? Today, in this post we will be detailing about the same thing.

We will give you a detailed introduction to Internet Trolling. This is really a quite interesting topic which you will be delighted to know.

Nowadays, “Internet Trolling” has become a severe problem and is spreading like fire in the forest. It has become the topic of research these days as 90 out of 100 are getting attacked by this. Looking over the seriousness of the problem, we have decided to throw light on this topic. Today, in this post, we will see why trolling occurs, how to identify them, should Trolling be allowed or not, how to control Trolls and much more. Lets’ see each point one by one.


Internet Trolling

Who are “Internet Trolls” and what is “Internet Trolling”?

In Internet slang, basically a “troll” indicates someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog. While putting such type of inflammatory messages, the prime intent of troll remains provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussions. From the above definition of troll, it becomes very clear that when we associate this word with the Internet, it becomes “Internet Trolling” which means something outrageous message that tempt people to answer. Simply we can say that “Internet Troll” is a noun and “Internet Trolling” is a verb. The former is one who does the action of Internet Trolling and the later is the action itself.

Internet trolls put rude, seditious, offensive, or off-topic messages all over the web especially on discussion forum and social networking sites and provoke people to response. Most of you have gone through their comments. If you will carefully check few of their comments you will notice that most of the time they don’t even read the complete article on which they are commenting on; they just pick few words and post their piercing remarks to disrupt normal proceedings.

Why Does People Troll?

This one can also be an interesting question that why does people troll? It should be noted that, in the cyber world, the people like Internet trolls believe that they can fake their identity and nobody can perceive them; this belief rise confidence in them and tempt them to write derogatory remarks and create pain in other’s neck. Sometimes, if people react on their comments at a faster pace, they took delight in this and feel that they are becoming popular among people on the web. But the fact is that, they remain in great misunderstanding and forget that their real courage lies in saying or putting their remarks in front of a person and not from behind the mask.

We make you clear that the person, i.e. Internet troll, who performs the action of Internet Trolling, does it intentionally. Actually an Internet troll delights in sowing discord on the Internet and does so to start arguments and upset people by provoking and pulling people into flaming discussion visiting over the web. Actually such people consider Internet communications services as convenient venues for playing their weird game without coming to know that i9n reality they are hurting genuine people. They think Internet users as a kind of digital abstraction and hence they do not bother for the people’s feelings and sufferings which they inflict to them. In fact, these trolls feel themselves as much successful as much they bring sufferings to others just because they are not bound by the rules of courtesy or social responsibility.

In precise way, we can say that, Internet trolls put outrageous messages with no real reason other than disturbing people surfing web. In earlier days, these Internet trolls used to target forums or communities relating to celebrities, news, politics or religion, but nowadays, this trend is stepping its feet on almost every blog, community and forum sites.
Most of us want to find out a logical intellect of trolling to curb it on time.

Typical Characteristics of Trolls

Now a big question arises that how one can recognize a troll? How one can distinguish genuine remarks from troll? So, let’s have a look on personas which make trolls different from general critical remarks. If you found the similar characteristics as mentioned below in any remarks then mark it as trolls. Generally, Internet trolls have characteristics like:

⇒ Internet Trolls have fake looking IDs and suspicious IP addresses.
⇒ Internet trolls mostly target on celebrities, un-moderated sites or regular users of site to catch attention of more and more people.
⇒ They repeatedly put comments on same blogs/ posts primarily to seek attention of others.
⇒ Their comments are often abusive, gross, rude and often off-topic.
⇒ They don’t use one ID for a longer time as they are banned or deleted frequently for posting derogatory remarks.
⇒ Their IDs can be faked but writing style can’t be since the strategy of every writings is only “divide and win”.
⇒ They mostly use several identities and attack the message board flooded with irrelevant messages and replies to support their own comments.
⇒They are the one who hardly follow site’s rules or social responsibility and never bother for the people’s feeling.

Should Trolling be allowed?

As we know well that a coin has two surfaces. In the similar manner, Internet trolling has both negative as well as positive aspects. It has both advantages and disadvantages too. Now here, a question is quite obvious that if it has both benefits as well as shortcomings, then should it be allowed? This has become a burning issue of today and there is no any exact remedy for this. Different people present different thought on this burning issue. On one side, some people favors that troll should have the right to speech, on the other side, some people revolt Internet trolls and says that Internet trolling should be banned. Whatever be the concept of the people, we are presenting here the advantages and disadvantages of allowing trolling which will let you make your own decision in this respect.

Advantages of Allowing Trolling:

⇒ Trolls give fresh and prospective to discussions and add spice to the discussion as well.
⇒ Sometimes it raises the visitor’s traffic as some of the visitors seem interested in reading piquant things; this in turn raises the Google ranking of the site.
⇒ Sometimes, most of the visitors feel that author is liberal and takes criticism with same ease as he would allow compliments.
⇒ There is need to add something controversial and spicy comments as having only polite and genteel comments would make cyber world unsubstantial.

Disadvantages of Allowing Trolling:

⇒ Responding to trolls adversely affect the genuine reader’s peace of mind and thus also affect their creativity as well because continuous trolling can make them hangdog for no reason.
⇒ Trolls put negative impact on the genuine readers of a particular site and force them to be on the back seat by targeting them.
⇒ Some people can’t tolerate the pressure created by Trolls and this in turn results that they quit the cyber world forever.
⇒ Responding to trolls give them the undeserved recognition.
⇒ Finally we can say that, Trolls are like weeds which spread faster if not trimmed on time.

How to Handle Trolls?

Handling trolls is really a critical task. But the better option is to ignore or avoid it to a broader level. Below are presented some of the ways to handle trolls in effective manner without compromising the self respect and having any adverse impact:

⇒ Internet Trolls primarily want identification which they perceive with the response of the people. Thus it is the easiest way is to ignore the baseless remarks of trolls and just add fuel to fire.
⇒ In case if any one revert back to the trolls, don’t indulge themselves in any hot discussion or argument like talk.
⇒ Make them free to put their remarks till the time they are not abusive or offensive.
⇒ One can block the IP address of trolls if he/she is a moderator.
⇒ One can inform webmaster with reference to the troll activity taking place on their site which might have skipped from their eyes.

Above all these, i.e. ignoring, blocking and moderating trolls, there are the super powers too which are given by cyber world to webmasters. These days, Government authorities can also take some relevant steps to tackle the situation.

Introduction to Internet Trolling

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