8 Must Have Joomla 3.0 Extensions and How to Use Them

Joomla is one of the most popular platforms for building and hosting websites. The powerful Content Management System (CMS) allows you to create powerful online applications. Currently, Joomla has nearly 2 million active websites on its platform and over 9% of all business websites.

However, it has several gaps which you can fill using extensions. Joomla has a collection of more than 7000 extensions. In this article, we’ll help you find the right extensions for your Joomla website.



JCE is one of the most powerful plugins for content authoring. It allows you to create content the way you want. You don’t need to be proficient with the complicated languages like XML, HTML, CSS, and others.

You can operate it easily, thanks to its Office-like formatting functions and splendid image management system. The friendly User-Interface of JCE has options for rename, delete, upload, cut/copy/paste in image formatting so it is best for joomla development.

Other features include an integrated browser-based spell checker, source code editing with integrated support for Markdown. You can easily create new articles, make stylish captions on images, manage and embed Vimeo & YouTube videos.


Quix is just like Wix. You can build your own website from scratch without any knowledge of the intimidating codes, thanks to Quix’s drag & drop feature. Almost every component of Quix is customizable in a single click.

It is compatible with any framework or template. Quix has 50+ elements with limitless possibilities like built-in animations and parallax effect. It also supports Joomla search indexed pages. The optimized elements of Quix increases the page load speed by 300%.

The UI of Quix is easy to use, so you can just select the elements and place in the visual window wherever you want. You can also customize each element by making tweaks in the properties window.

Akeeba Backup

The fact that Akeeba Backup is the most awarded Joomla extension since 2006 reflects its importance and reliability. Backup is the top priority of every business to prevent sudden heavy data loss.

Akeeba automatically backs up the data on your website. The plugin is easy to install. Past installation, you can easily back up your data in a single click. You can also set the backup frequency. You can also restore the backed-up data with one click.

It also gives the option to manage backup offline or in the cloud. Akeeba Backup has strong AES 128-bit encryption. It transfers your website from direct server to server.

JCH Optimize

JCH Optimize is the best tool to enhance your website’s performance. The plugin can minimize the HTTP requests and the size of your webpage. JCH Optimize minifies and combines the Javascript and CSS files into a single file.

The task of combining JS and CSS may seem daunting but you can do it easily using JCH Optimize. It has six pre-loaded settings which can do the task easily. The plugin also supports CDN/cookieless domains.

JCH Optimize flawlessly manages images. The lossless compression of images decreases the image size. The lazy load feature and image sprites make sure that site speed is optimized.

Engage Box

Engage Box is one of the best marketing Joomla extensions. The plugin is the topmost pop-up and leads generation extension, to convert your visitors to subscribers. It helps you to create popups like sticky notification bars, lightbox popup, floating bars, custom popups according to your wish.

With Engage Box, you can create several boxes per page. It has integrated Google Analytics to keep track of the performance of boxes. You get 7 types of boxes with 60+ transition effects with an auto-close timer. It also has 9 user behavior tracking events with 7 trigger positions.

You can customize your popups to target a group of audience.


Digicom is one of the best Digital Product Selling extensions. Using it, you can easily sell any digital product. Digicom does the tasks like reporting, download, and subscription management by itself.

The key feature of Digicom is its integration with payment processors like PayPal, 2Checkout. It can run offers and discounts without any fuss. It allows you to learn about your customer by reading the order history.

It has seamless checkout and manages daily orders with just one click.

Smart Slider

Smart Slider is an essential extension if you want to make your website look dynamic. It helps you by letting you create fully responsive sliders. The UI of its interface is very easy to understand and loaded with tons of functionalities.

Using its editor, you can create Vimeo & YouTube slides very easily. The UI is, completely drag & drop type with live preview just as Wix or Android Studio. Smart Slider offers 5 types of locks and sliders. The layer editor allows you to change nearly anything you want. You can even edit images using it.


Tawk.to is one of the best live chat management and contact management extensions. It is completely free with no hidden costs. With Tawk.to, you can answer the chats anywhere using your phone.

The mobile application of Tawk.to is easy to use and install. You can monitor visitors in real-time. It has a built-in ticketing system, customizable layers and widget to blend with your website. You can also use more than 1800 emojis with Tawk.to.

The choices are made on the basis of reliability, the customer base of the company, customer support by the developer, and frequency of updates. You can choose the extensions that suit your target audience and the type of business.



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