7 Hacks to Boost the Conversions Rate

Did you know that almost every ecommerce website has a really good regular traffic coming up (thanks to the innumerous paid and organic marketing tools available), but most of these websites have a lower conversion rate? In fact, the conversion rate for websites generally lies only between 1% to 3%.

We are not denying the fact that marketing properly and attracting traffic on the website is certainly one considerable achievement for a marketer as that requires lots of efforts. However, confusing the fact that more traffic would result in more revenue could prove be a big mistake for any entrepreneur or marketer. Just because your analytical tools are showing an increasing number of people visiting your website, it does not assure in any way that your sales will shoot up too.

In fact, considering that there are so many e-commerce websites online offering same product at different prices and consumers becoming smarter to compare prices at each platform before making any purchase, you cannot be assured that a user will make a purchase from your portal even if he has added products to his cart.

So if you have already crossed the stage of getting maximum regular traffic on your e-commerce website, then it is time that you start focusing on increasing your conversion rate. After all, only that thing will provide you the ultimate result of boosting up your sales.

And, we will discuss today about 7 effective tricks and hanks that will help you cross that milestone. So, let’s get started without delaying it further.

1. Minimize the Number of Form Fields

Besides getting the conversion rate, you certainly need user’s data for future references so that you can update them about new products and offers to invite them back on your website to shop. And it’s completely understandable. However, getting them to fill multiple or long forms can really be annoying which would make them leave your website even before they will begin to look out for products.

Make sure that the sign up form requires them to only fill up the fields of basic requirements or let them register through their social media accounts to save their time.

2. Avoid Using Automatic Sliders

Yes, they look really good on your website and enhance the look but they might be costing you the conversions. Surprised? Well, don’t be. The logic here is quite simple – there are many people who might not be fluent in the language which is used on your website, thus making them slower to read the entire message. Besides, it makes a user lose control over an area of the website which can cause annoyance.

In fact, most of the users tend to ignore the banners and move straight away to the other areas of the website, so even if you are giving important information in banners it will be avoided.

3. Use Real and Relevant Images

When people visit your website with the objective to buy something, they are going to rely majorly on the images of the products as they do not have a physical product to rely on. So, instead of using images from the internet directories like Shutterstock, it is recommended that you get a proper photoshoot done for your products.
Using high quality, real images can really attract a user and make them trust your authenticity. And trust us, users are really smart these days to be bluffed with photo shopped images.

4. Call-to-Action Placement

No matter from where and with what purpose is a user visiting your website, your ultimate goal should be to convert him into a buyer. Thus, the placement of the Call-to-Action (CTA) button on your product screen plays a major role. Make sure that it is clearly visible in a manner that the user is tempted to click on it and make a purchase.
You can test and analyze by placing the CTA button at various places to check which option would work best for your website.

5. Principal of Scarcity

It is human psychology that a person will be willing to pay more and make a quicker decision for the commodities which are available in scarce as compared to those which he knows are available in abundance and probably on the other portals too. So, creating a sense of urgency among your customers can actually work in your benefit here.
For instance, giving a message like “only 3 left in stock” or “available at this price only for next 2 hours” can really work psychologically in your favor.

6. Provide Proper Contact Details

With so many e-commerce websites being launched every day and people willing to spend on purchasing even from internationally shipping portals, trust really plays an important role in the minds of a customer. Since a visitor on your profile would not be able to visit your physical location to check the authenticity of your business existence, providing a phone number on the website can provide them a sense of assurance.

However, you should also make sure that the number that you are providing should be updated to a working one which can be attended by a person during working hours without a fail.

7. Add Live Chat Option

If a customer visits your website and cannot understand something, finds trouble completing any step or has queries about any of your products, instead of giving him an opportunity to go and try purchasing from some other website just because he couldn’t contact your customer service at that time through call or couldn’t wait for a reply via email, provide him an option of live chat.

By adding a small chat box, you can actually convince your customer to make a purchase on the spot by providing him instance solutions to his queries.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few tactics that you can begin with and analyze the response from the visitors on your website. It is best to implement one method at a time so that you can access which one would work best with your audience.

About The author

Ashish Sharma is a Key Account Manager, looking after Marketing Strategies and building new business tie ups at WeDigTech – A hub of Skilled Mobile App Developers in India. Focused on helping enterprises StartUps from domestic to MNCs.


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