5 Free Websites that Allow You to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Files

YouTube videos are meant to play in Web browsers and video players that are capable of streaming the encoded MPEG-4 video format. If you have a favorite music video on YouTube and you wish to make it an audio clip and play on your portable MP3 or audio player, you must convert the file. Here are five different YouTube to MP3 conversion websites that are available for free.



Youtube-mp3.org is another free website and online service that allows you to take any YouTube video and convert it into the MP3 audio format. There is no need to download any additional software. Copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video you wish to convert into the URL address field on the Youtube-mp3.org website and click “Convert Video.” The audio track of the YouTube video is converted and saved locally to your desktop as an MP3 file.


Video2mp3.net allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 with two different options: standard quality and high quality. There is no limit to the number of the number of conversions or downloads that you can make with your site. Simply grab your YouTube video URL, paste it into the website, choose your conversion quality and click “Convert.” Within seconds, your video is converted to an MP3 file and saved locally to your computer.


FLVTO.com allows you to convert online video files, such as YouTube videos, to an audio format, such as MP3. Navigate to the YouTube video you wish to convert and copy the URL. Then, navigate to FLVTO.com, paste the YouTube URL into the “Enter the link to the media” field, select “MP3 from the “Convert to” field and then click “Convert.” Your converted MP3 file is saved to the desktop of your computer and ready to be played.


Vidtomp3.com is another free YouTube to MP3 conversion website. Like the previous online conversion sites, just grab the URL of your YouTube video and paste it into the URL field of the website. This site also allows you to select a standard or high quality during the conversion process just like Video2mp3.net. Click the “Download” button after you have pasted your URL to download and save your MP3 file to your computer.


YouTube-tomp3.co.uk is a free website based in the UK that allows you to convert all of your favorite YouTube videos to audio MP3 files in less than one minute time. Simply copy the URL of the YouTube video you wish to convert, paste it into the URL field on the YouTube-tomp3.co.uk website and click the “Convert Video” button. The file is converted into the MP3 format and saved to your desktop. Copy the saved MP3 file to your chosen MP3, cell phone, or portable media player and begin listening to your favorite songs.

YouTube-tomp3.co.uk, Youtube-mp3.org, Video2mp3.net, FLVTO.com and Vidtomp3.com are all YouTube to MP3 conversion tools that allow you take your favorite YouTube videos and convert them into an audio format that you can listen to and play back, for free.

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