5 Effective E-Mail Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

E-mail marketing is part of the overall promotional strategy for any business. The owners may hire a marketing team to create the campaign for them, but they still have to participate in the process. You have to come up with an engaging e-mail marketing campaign that calls the recipients to action.

Are you wondering how you can get better at e-mail marketing? We have five effective tips you can implement in your practice.


1. Make the Whole Point in the Subject Line

E-mail users don’t go through every single message they get. No one has time for that. People are judging the importance of the message by its subject line. The general rule is to go for a short subject line, below 50 characters. In those 50 characters, you should grab the essence of your message.

Here is an example from my inbox: Secretsales Online Exclusive: Extra 20% off Samsonite. Okay, it’s slightly above 50 characters, but the line is still completely visible in the inbox. It works because it’s straightforward. I know where the message is coming from and I know what it’s about.

The recipient wants to know what they can expect from your message. Tell them in the subject line.

2. Personalize the Messages

Go ahead and explore the Promotions section in your Gmail inbox. Do you notice that your name is featured in many of these e-mails?

Dear Robert,

How’s it going?

That’s the kind of start that’s common in promotional e-mails.

Addressing the recipient directly creates the impression that the message is important. They assume it comes from a trusted source. They don’t leave their name all over the Internet, so they know the message is from a service they subscribed to.

Do you have to personalize the message with a name? Not necessarily. In fact, many people are concerned about their privacy and don’t like seeing their name in a message from someone they don’t personally know. Book Depository, for example, doesn’t address the recipients by their name. That’s how we get the impression that they care about our privacy. However, the messages are still personalized. Here’s an example:

Screenshot 1

“Based on your previous purchase at our website, we recommend this…” – that’s a pretty effective personalization approach. You’re making the message relevant to the recipient, so you improve the chances of conversion.

3. Give Them Value

Why would someone read a message from a business? If you make it all about your business, they won’t be interested in it. When people go through their e-mails, they want to spend this time on something useful.

You can give them coupons and limited offers. That works.

Do you know what else works? Free content! It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re promoting; you can always come up with topics for eBooks and long-form articles.

If you don’t have time to write this content, you can hire professional writers to work under your instructions. To make sure you’re hiring the best writers for your needs, check writing services reviews and you’ll get proper recommendations.

4. Engage the Inactive Subscribers

So, someone subscribed to your services just to get the free test period and you never saw them again at your website? They were interested in your offer. You showed how cool your offer was. Now, you have to take a step to get them back. The best way to do that? Via e-mail, of course!

It’s Not Too Late to Keep Your Account – that’s the kind of subject line that will get a recipient’s attention. You can offer 50% off for three-month subscription at your website, or another kind of coupon that will trigger the user’s interest to return to you.

5. Send the Messages at the Right Time

The moment your recipient sees the message is important. If they don’t have time to read it now, they will leave it for later. If that happens, they might forget all about it.

Research shows that 10 a.m. is the prime time for sending e-mails. Late night messages work well, too. If your subscribers receive the message after 8 p.m., many of them will read it before going to bed.

These recommendations are insightful, but you’ll have to find the perfect timing that works for your subscribers. Monitor the click-through rates you get when sending e-mails at different timing. You’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

Compose. Test. Make It Work!

The art of e-mail promotions is not easy to master. You can’t overdo marketing, but you must include a call to action. It’s all about finding the perfect balance.
You’ll have plenty of things to test. What kind of messages does your target audience prefer? What kind of offers work well? When do they like receiving the messages?
Keep monitoring the results of your campaign. It’s a lot of work, but it gives a lot in return. You can boost the awareness for your brand to a great extent through e-mail promotion.


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