4 Unique SEO Tips Through Simple Tweaking

Ranking high on Google search engine is really important for every blogger if he wants to survive. However ranking on the first page of search result is not that easy.


The reason is simple, there is a hell lot of competition, because daily thousands of blogger are competing of that same space which you are also competing.

So what is the way out?

How do you manage to rank high every time?

Well! You have to tweak your website in way that Google can easily pull whenever a search happens.

So let us look what are those simple tips that you can learn and implement.

Tune-in Your Website Code


HTML codes are of two types. First one is Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and second is Static HTML (SHTML).

My recommendation would be to weed out unwanted codes in your website. Especially codes that is present in the body tag.

This will really help Google search engine to crawl your website easily.


CSS or cascading style sheets is also a piece of code that is used to give look and feel for you website. Choose CSS codes which are less complicated and easy to change anytime.

CSS codes are very important hence be careful when you write.


Google does not like any dead links. Your links must direct visitors to the website which is running and up to date.

So ensure that there is not even a single dead link present in your every web page or blog post.


Usually bloggers ignore the importance of images in their blog posts. Images not only make your blog posts more interactive but also help in ranking high in Google search engine.

Hence see to it that all your images are of full size and high quality.

Next is to add the prime keyword in the alt tag (HTML code) of the image. Prime keyword could be the title of your blog post.

Designing Your Website

Web Design

The basic philosophy for designing your website would be simplicity.

Design your website in accordance with the niche or topic of your blog. If your blog is on food & beverage then design must relate to it.

People will only stay longer on your website if design is relevant.

Website Loading Speed

Loading speed can make or break survival of your website.

If loading speed is very slow then surely your visitors will drive away from the website.

Therefore choose a hosting service which is preferred by most of the experienced bloggers.

Design Content

Your content must come first rather than image or text ads.

You have to try your best to capture the attention of your readers. Hence place your content in the upper right hand side of your screen without showing any ads.

First visitors must see your content then ads.

Large Photos and Images

High Resolution Images 

Including high resolution images in your blog can really make a difference. There are many websites which are very popular only because of vivid pictures in them.

So I recommend you to use images which are at least 1000 pixels in resolution.

Add links with keywords 

 I would suggest all bloggers to use their main keywords linking to other websites. Usually a keyword linked to a website is also called Anchor text.

Make best use of your primary keywords. Google search engine will always look for keywords that are related to the blog.

Testing Your Website

Google Analytics

Running a full-fledged website or a blog is never easy. You have to maintain codes that are responsible for running your website all day all night.

This becomes even more difficult when huge traffic is coming to your blog.

So to analyze your website traffic I recommend you a tool called Google Analytics.

You can analyze exact source of traffic. Your main source of traffic would come from Google search engine, followed by direct traffic and social media.

Web-masters tool

Web-masters tool is yet another tool from Google. However it is bit different from the Google analytics tool.

Web-masters tool is generally used to diagnose the website code. But analytics is mainly used to analyze web traffic.

Web-masters tool will help you to tell about web pages that failed to rank. It will even tell whether Google bot has crawled your website or not.


In concluding remarks I would only say that you can bring heavy traffic to your blog if you implement simple SEO techniques.

All the tips that I discussed above are very easy to implement because they are simple tweaking of your website.

Tweaks can be both, front end and back end. Front end is on-page and back end is off-page mainly code behind.

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