4 Reasons to Choose a Host in Central London

A growing business has a lot of needs, and one of the most important ones is choosing a colocation to meet the company’s server needs. This especially applies to businesses that specialize in IT.

Reasons to Choose a Host in Central London

It is important that the business stays online and retains its profits. The only hindrance that you might have to face is the confusion about where you can collocate. Among the many data centers available, London is one of the best places that you can choose. It offers a business a lot of incentives that you cannot get anywhere else. Below are some of the reasons why central London makes a good host:

1) Security

London has the best hosts that can be found around that are known for their high-security levels. An example of this would be sequential networks. It is located in the most secure environment and even has better outage protection. Additionally, it has manned security setups that run 24-7, fully equipped with CCTV and a high multi-leveled pin code access. You need security if at all you are not trying to lose any data or suffer from any interruptions that will cost you losses for your business. The security is heightened by the fact that there is the use of renewable energy, reducing the chances of power outages that can bring around disruptions while at the same time leaving a limited carbon footprint to the environment. Most London hosts also offer a good disaster recovery suite that helps you better prepare in case of anything like terrorist attacks.

2) Accessibility

Most of the data centers that are found in London are very close to the most reliable and efficient transport infrastructure. Therefore, in case you need any tech expertise, it will be easy to get help and access to the location. Concerns in regards to data security and emergency will be better responded to since it is easy to access the host.

3) Reliability

One of the major reasons to choose central London as the host is because most international fiber optics cables end or terminate in the city. This convergence gives you one of the most reliable sources of the internet that you will ever find. It is considered one of the greatest hotspots for internet not only in the UK but also in the world. There will be improved performance since you can rely on the internet. The chances of disruptions will be close to none and data transfers, especially for big files, will be quite fast. Therefore, you will be ahead of any competition. This added convenience will also serve well in reducing latency that is prone to companies whose resources need high-speed computation and data transfer and if you have a point to point installation.

4) Affordability

There are a lot of collocating companies in Central UK that have played a huge role in managing the cost of hosting in the city. Over the years, the costs have reduced immensely, making it one of the most affordable places to take your business. You need to bring down the expenses of your company to a minimum if you are to attain maximum profits, so it is advisable to choose London.


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