4 Great Career Options For The Technologically-Inclined

If you’re a techie with a love for computers, programs, and technological engineering, then you’re in luck! These days, more jobs are open in the field of technology than ever. Regardless of where your interests lie and what sort of special talents you can bring to the table, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to find the right job for you in this field. Take a look at the five career options below to get you started.

Software Developer

People in this field create the computer programs that everyone uses. Since this is such a necessity, jobs are always open and companies are often looking for software developers. You could be developing the system that controls networks or runs devices. You could also be developing specific applications on a device that will allow consumers to do specific tasks. In either case, a strong set of problem solving skills and an intimate understanding of technology is required.

Data Engineer

The jobs that a data engineer has can differ from workplace to workplace, but you will always be handling data of some sort, processing it, and organizing it so that other teams can look through it. In most cases you’ll also need to gather the data in the first place and keep track of the data storage, ensuring that everything is neatly organized and that data can be retrieved quickly and efficiently. You may also need to do real-time or batch processing on the data you store.

IT Manager

As an IT manager, your job requires a little more than just being good at technology. It also requires a strong ability to lead other people, to problem solve, and to manage conflicts. As an IT manager, it’s your job to coordinate and direct members of a team working on the information system of a computer, or any other activities having to do with a computer. It’s also your job to oversee the installation and maintenance of computers, including software, hardware, and the actual network itself. In some cases, an IT manager will be working without a team, depending on how small a company is or how their infrastructure works. Your tasks will largely remain unchanged, but you will be handling the planning and management of computer-related activities on your own.

Application Designer

Whether it’s for computers or smart phones, applications are a big part of modern technology and how we interact with it. Most people don’t think about it, but someone out there needs to design those applications that we all use every day. There are always design jobs Washington DC that can fit your preferences. If you’re more into graphics and entertainment, you can create a new game for people to play. If you’re all about efficiency and want to make something that can ease burdens, solve problems, or save money, there are niches out there waiting for your applications, too.

On a whole, the field of technology continues to expand and the available jobs will expand with it. Now is an excellent time to dive in and make your mark.





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