3 Trends of Web Design That Are No More Effective Today

The web design trends have undergone a radical change over the last few years. This is because the configuration of the devices to access the websites has also improved greatly.

Due to the advancement of the technology, the designers are compelled to update the website structure for making the webpages much more relevant and optimised.

New strategies are adopted and the older layout creating habits are done away with. Since websites are the face of the business in the virtual world, it is a must that they are not only compact and eye-catching but also user-friendly. That is why, let us find out the old web design trends that are no longer in vogue.

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  • Huge Images That Are Necessary–

Huge Images That Are Necessary

There was a common practice among the web designers to incorporate an array of pictures in the page. Incorporating the pictures or buttons that do not have any specific purpose is bound to affect adversely on the business aspect of the website. However, one can still use the image but at the end of the page instead of going for the central place.

Some companies provide primarily on a single service for focussing on a solitary message while others provide a range of options to the clients. But, no matter which one you follow, keep it in mind that the primary object should occupy the major portion of the website screen. While the others should be positioned at suitable other places as more than 35 percent of the web traffic happens because of the allied service.

  • Sliders with Call to Action –


Sliders must be user-friendly with very concise content. Keep it in mind that you do not expect the message to pop up in the most unlikely place. These are actually quite annoying and do not have any element of surprise. In some cases, the visitors scroll so fast that they completely miss the message. In fact, you will find that only a few of the users click on the sliders to analyse what is there in the content.

It can lose the valuable space if the section keeps on rolling. Too many frills without substance and no clear call-to-action are some of the other aspects that can go wrong. That is why instead of the slider, the message should be placed on the page itself.

  • Hamburger Menus –

Hamburger Menus

The hamburger menus used to be great fads at one point of time. But, they are completely out of fashion now. Most of the menus in the mobile compatible websites are so tiny that they become inaccessible in the laptops because of the poor visibility.

Navigation stays hidden in the mobile sites as it takes up too much space. If the required link is not available then that can make the viewers frustrated as a result of which sites will end up losing traffic.

The above are some of the web design trends that are outdated and should not be used any more according to the reputed digital agency in London where the professionals have quality experience in this field and are completely aware of the latest trends of web designing.

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