3 Tools to Assist Google Adwords Management

Tools, in many ways, are what separate humans from the other animals, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to go without them as an internet marketer. Most of us are well aware of how to use Google Adwords as a tool to improve our success as marketers, but fewer know about some of the tools that can be used in combination with Adwords in order to truly get the most out of it. Here are three tools you shouldn't go another week without.

1. Jumbo Keyword Editor

The nice thing about this software is that it mixes together functions that are available from a diverse set of tools and combines them all together in one simple interface. Any time you end up with a list of keywords there are things you’ll need to do to clean it up and sort through it. This tool can be used to remove your duplicate keywords, group them together, or automatically transform them into domain names.

2. Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

Being that the tools are designed by the same company that owns Bing, you wouldn’t think that this is a good tool to use in combination with Google Adwords. But this is one of the best tools on the market if you want to analyze the effectiveness of any given keyword.

For example, you can import an entire list of keywords and find out what the click through rate is for each of them. Click through rate is one of the most important indicators of the importance of a keyword. A keyword that doesn’t get clicked on can’t bring you the traffic that you need, even if it is somehow a popular search term.

Unlike the Google Adwords Keyword tool, this tool also gives you accurate readings of the day by day changes in the popularity of a keyword. While it’s true that these results are from Bing, not Google, they give you a more immediate sense of what is happening online. The tool also recommends related keywords based on what other advertisers are currently bidding on.

The only real downside of this tool is the fact that it uses Bing data instead of Google data, and that you need to have Excel in order to use it. The installation with Excel can be a little troublesome.

3. Conversion Optimizer

This tool is one of Google’s own, and its very powerful, especially for a free tool. From your campaign settings, you edit your bidding options, choose “Focus on Conversions,” and choose either a maximum CPA or an average CPA. The bid amount is then set to a group of keywords, instead of just a single keyword.

The conversion optimizer maximizes your chances of winning a bid that is profitable for you because it takes advantage of all the data at Google’s disposal. It goes past the historical CPC, cost, orders, revenue, and position, and digs deeper into the actual user’s search history, their actual search queries, their location, and so on.

Author Bio
Joshua Gribble is a web marketing expert specialising in effective Google Adwords management for his clients. He recommends utilising tools outside of Google Adwords in conjunction with your campaign in order to get a number of perspectives for identifying opportunities you may otherwise miss.


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