20 ways To Create Compelling Content When You’re Out of Ideas

If your brain takes an ‘off’ day every now and then, how do you manage to keep your blog flush with posts? It’s hard enough to figure out what to write, much less push those lethargic grey cells to produce the content.

Here are several great ways to create great content even when you have absolutely no idea what to write!

1. Create an Infographic

You don’t need a lot of text to create an infographic. Just think of bullet points and create graphics using PowerPoint. As long as it’s interesting, informative and hopefully funny, it’ll be a winner.

2. Repurpose Existing Content

If you have a set of slides that’s been lying idle for ages, try to put them together in the form of an e-book. Or, if you have an old whitepaper, use parts of it to create multiple posts.

3. Write On New Industry Trends

Watch out for the latest trends in your industry and be the first one to bring them to your audience. You can also highlight hot new research and point out their benefits or liabilities.

4. Curate Existing Content

Gather various pieces of content. As a value-add, take up a topic and use pieces of content to highlight various opinions published on the topic. Give credit where it’s due.

5. Add Value To What Others Have Written

Challenge and expand on what other bloggers have written. Write rebuttals, or add value to their opinions on your blog. This way, you can demonstrate your own expertise while showcasing your peers.

6. Share Your Industry Experiences

Be transparent while sharing; don’t leave anything out of your industry journey. Your stories will open up discussions that’ll be more compelling than any content you publish.

7. Write Case Studies

You can write case studies based on your own industry experiences, or by studying what worked well and what didn’t in your industry. Create a simple case study template and use images. This way, you don’t need to write much.

8. Ask Your Readers What They Would Like To Read

By doing this, you not only gain reader trust, but also their gratitude for considering their opinions. Post at least one ‘reader request special’ every week.

9. Interview Experts

Feature different kinds of celebrities such as your favorite twitter people, industry toppers and movers and shakers in your interviews. Share their expertise and experience with your audience using interesting references, images and videos.

10. Write Reviews

Write honest and appealing reviews on products, services, tools and so on. You can become the go-to person for the latest information, a fact that adds authority to your own brand.

11. Dig Into Your Archives

Recycle and refresh what you already have and publish it. Change the format, add graphics, infuse some humor or even move things around a bit to add freshness.

12. Open The Door To Guest Posts

Invite guest posts from lesser known bloggers who want showcase space. You’ll earn their gratitude while keeping your blog flush with content.

13. Write Randomly

When inspiration seems far away, just open a notepad and start writing. Don’t focus on writing compelling content at this point – just write what comes to your mind. You’ll be surprised what you can make out of it.

14. Compile A List Of The Top Blogs

Organize and rate the top blogs in your industry. Write your opinion on each one and the value-add each blog brings to your industry. Such a post will be a huge authority resource for your readers.

15. Brainstorm

Talk to your family, friends, other bloggers and even your readers. Discuss various topics and listen to what people have to say. Note down points that you can use.

16. Compile Best And Worst Case Studies

You can do a best and worst case study for movies, music, tools, products and various services. Refer to top industry reviews for the content and use a simple table to present your case studies.

17. Try Audio Podcasts

If writing is way too much of a task, get your headphones on and talk about how you feel about your industry. Infuse it with humor, passion and be sure to ask questions at the end. You’ve got a great podcast ready to post.

18. Look Up Industry Wrap-Ups

See if you can do a spin off from a recent topic that interests you. You can start a conversation with your take on things and turn it into a different post.

19. Create A Video

You don’t need any great acting or video-manipulating skills to do this. Speak directly into the camera on any industry-relevant subject. Insert interesting images into your video. Let the camera capture your work area and your office for added interest.

20. Find Inspiration From Others In The Blogosphere

Use your ‘I have no idea what to write’ time to read other blogs and update your knowledge. Find inspiration from what other bloggers have written and by the way others think.
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