20 Most Common SEO Myths Around Us

Being familiar with the fundamentals of the Search Engine Optimization is an important proficiency for people involved in SEO and even for people outside the optimization industry. Today, it is important for the bloggers, webmasters, writers, journalists, and website designers to possess knowledge about the various factors used by the search engines for deciding upon the rank of the website and their content.

SEO can be confusing fields due to the various complexities involved, the basic reason for this can be the fact that search engine do not reveal much info about the ranking to keep away all the spammers. All this leads to various speculations and prevailing myths about the SEO.

SEO industry is commonly known as a place full of rumors and myths as every next day you can face an SEO myth that remains in the mindset of people for long. In this post, we will be discussing about the various myths related to SEO industry and provide you the information that one can utilize for better optimization of the web pages. Our aim by writing this post is to dispel the SEO myths prevailing widely around us.

Let’s discuss the popular 20 Most Common SEO Myths Around Us:

Google: The Only Search Engine Available

We cannot deny the effective existence of Google as the biggest search engine but there are many other engines that we should not ignore the existence of others. It is completely out of context to say that Google is the largest search engine out of all as search engines like Bing has a great market in many countries. For about 30% of US search are performed through Bing. This simply means that one should not ignore Bing for SEO requirements. To find better results one can register his/her website on Webmaster Centre Tools provided by Bing.

Your Website is required to be presented to Google

This is completely a false belief as today we are having around thousands of companies to provide hosting services and SEO services. There are web designers also to help you for submitting your websites to all the major search engines. One is not required to surrender the website to Google or any other search engine; it is free to include your website on search engines.

SEO is One Time Process for the Site


Most of the people believe that SEO is a onetime thing; this can be due to the lesser amount investment funds. However, in actual terms the performance of the search engine is needed to be controlled with a regular consideration.

SEO is Not a Matter to Stress Upon

A large number of people believe that we need not to concern about SEO aspects of a site, as it is not at all important. Reputed brands, granted websites, and celebrity bloggers are the few people who can avoid SEO but everyone else, regulating the optimization of the websites in a better search visibility is vital. Even one should also not make decisions based upon search engine; a thorough study is required to understand the work pattern of this amazing astounding source of traffic.

Ranking of the Site is Not Important

With the advent of personalized search results, the importance of ranking has reduced largely but it is still important. Ranking results may fail to provide the exact picture but they provide approximate about the website ranking among the majority users. Apart from the rankings search visibility, conversion rate and traffic is considered as the more important for most of the people. In order to understand the place of your site on search engine ranking is important.

Advancement of Site Rankings by XML Sitemap

It is a great practice from SEO point of view to have a sitemap, whereas there is a common myth over all the forums and blogs that site map will increase the ranking of the site. This notion is completely not true as search engine utilizes the sitemap to have knowledge about the structure of the site and to recover the coverage of the web pages.

Keyword Domains is Best

Gone were the days when keyword domains had their trump over the search engines. According to the earlier notions of the SEO, registering a domain with keyword was the most preferred. Now, this activity has become less effective due to the competitive keywords keyword domains has been wiped out by the Google as they don’t really deserve to lead the rankings.

Today, it is wise to go for a smart option for the domain name of the website. One should try to find a solid foundation for the website with a brand able and memorable domain name. Actually, it is important to have a great promotional friendly domain rather than a difficult and lengthy keyword based one.

Following the Competitor

According to the common belief avoiding open site explorer and copying down your competitor is considered as a great SEO strategy, but actually, it is completely not a one. Following the strategy of the competitor can prove a solid ground against your website as every technique and method do not apply for all in a same manner. It is not at all wrong to take references and learn from your competitors but one should not try and become a copycat.

Meta Data is insignificant

Meta Data is insignificant

As per the common myths of SEO Meta Data is considered as insignificant but truly they own some value. Generally, Google overlook Meta titles and descriptions in front of the better one but they actually provide the hint about the page. Meta data is actually an option to avail knowledge to the searcher about the site and convince him to click. It works as a platform for the owner to engage the user. For instance, on Google+ whenever we see a link published on the network we can notice a description scraped there. If your site do not have anything to provide for the description than Google will automatically place any random content which can prove bad for you.

One can learn SEO by Reading

One can learn SEO by Reading

Every Industry is regulated by some masters and SEO industry is not an exception. Anyone with little knowledge and documents in hand cannot become an expert in SEO. To become an SEO expert one needs to follow a thorough research and practice a lot. Performing the tasks is much favorable than knowing the ways to do.

People think that by consulting few experts in SEO they can become a one easily and perform all related activities. However, you should see to whom you are consulting for your knowledge expansion, as not everyone possesses the skills of teaching. The best way to learn is experiment on your own.

Google Adwords Can Affect Rankings

Google Adwords Can Affect Rankings

There is myth related to the theory of the advertising through the Google Adwords platform will affect the ranking of the website in many ways which is not the actual case at all. There is no relation found between Google Adwords and organic website ranking.

Google Can Never Track

This is a complete myth that Google cannot track the activities. Year by year Google is mastering its advancements with smarter algorithms that own the ability to deliver best results for the user. In order to go with the flow, it is suggested to seek a balance through a strategy that source out the results that you want. Google is a swift in recognizing the prototype of link building. One needs to very careful while leaving the footprints behind after performing a task.

Scraping Content Based Policy

Scraping is the content republished from one site to the other. Scraping is a great process that sometimes outranks the original content but very infrequently. It is unethical to consider scraping as a logical content strategy. Some people believe that scrapping is the content-based policy observed by people. This is completely a myth, as filling the space of your site with others content does not constitute profit for your site. By doing this you will be flagged as a spam.

These days both Google and Bing encourage creation of high-quality content channelization for getting profitable results.

Keyword Density Reigns

Keyword density is the basic factor for creating SEO friendly content but some people considers it as the best strategy; the scene has changed entirely today. Earlier in order to provide the effectiveness in the content keyword density was seen as the major tool to rely upon. But presently, interweaving the keywords for healthy reading is preferred as pouring the copy of content with keyword is seen as a shortcut to see-off the users.

Write as much as Content

There was a belief earlier that a good website provides a lengthy content like putting on all the details surrounded to the topic. Even today, people believe that writing more content is a great strategy for website which is completely wrong. Now with the emergence of Google Panda Update, it is more profitable to have quality over the quantity. Now, you cannot afford to have similar, overlapping redundant articles and content on almost similar topics. It is essential to have variety with quality and you should target to publish the content that avails value in the hand of the user.

No idyllic Word count

No idyllic Word count

It was believed that producing a minimal word count can out you on a risk of not mentioning the details of the topics and on the other hand covering the topic with a lengthy content can make your work seem boring for the users to continue reading due to which search engines may put off your site due to this. These are the myths that prevailed in the mindset of people related to the content of the website. Actually, one should produce the appropriate amount of content covering the required content for the site. Do not worry about the length and just focus on the covering the appropriately necessary issues related to the topic. To observe the quality checks it is important ot edit and proof read the content properly.

It’s All about the Content

It is true that search engine prefers to recognize the site with great content but they are smart enough for not relying over the content alone. Fantastic website design user-friendly features are the main factors that engage a user on the site for long. One needs to stress upon the other factors other than content for better search ranking.

PageRank Matters the Most

PageRank Matters the Most

People believe that Page ranking matters the most for profitable business ends but actually it is not the only metric to stress upon. Apart from page ranking there are more than 200 ranking aspects recognized by Google for determination of the place of a website in the search results. Page rank is one of the factors that affects but not the only factor itself.

Quantity of Links is Vitally Important

Common SEO myth suggests that having a huge quantity of links is important for you but actually not all links are accepted as the preferable ones so quality of the links proving profitable is most important than any other factor.

Don’t Follow as Its not Worthy


A no-follow link is not profitable for the business terms, as it is not going to provide any page rank to the website. It is widely believed that a no-follow link is not valuable. Actually, they are still important, as there are still various traffic opportunities and exposure platforms to can increase the worth of the links. Apart from this, it is completely suspicious to have all do-follow links.

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