HTML5 CSS3 Templates: Download Top 20 HTML5/CSS3 Website Template Free

Download Free HTML5 template with CSS3 : The HTML5 and CSS3 are the two most powerful language that frequently used by modern web developers and web designers across the globe for building upgraded websites. There are two variants to build good web portal – custom web development or web template.

In this post of Web Granth, we are going to present a beautiful collection of 20+ free high quality free HTML5 template with CSS3 for download. The set of  HTML5 templates are designed and developed by great professionals and are completely free to download. Interestingly, these templates are associated with new and fresh features of advanced programming technologies such as jQuery, CSS3, HTML5 etc. These templates are cross-browser compatible and supports Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE7+, and Firefox. We hope this collection of freebies high-quality HTML5-CSS3 web templates will help you in creating robust websites.

Bryan Lazaris

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