12 Make-or-Break Tips When Going Mobile

Vying for customers’ attention and loyalty is a perfect way to take an edge over your competitors, especially in these modern times. Not only are technologies getting more advanced, but consumers, who are faced with a plethora of options every single day, are also becoming more discerning with their choices.

Going mobile does demand a handsome portion of your marketing budget. With this, you better make sure your UX design is a crowd pleaser, your mobile ads are efficient, your mobile SEO is cutting-edge, and so on. If you are going mobile, make it worthwhile. Keep in mind these 12 make-or-break things that you should know when expanding your brand in the world of mobile marketing.

Design with Your Target Market In Mind

Design with Your Target Market In Mind

No matter how groundbreaking innovations can get, reaching your target market boils down to knowing what moves them. According to Propelrr, a digital marketing company in the Philippines, you are designing for your customers, who are individuals motivated by a variety of emotions. Create your mobile UX design from your customers’ perspective. Offer an easy and fuss-free tutorial that will guide first-time users of your apps. Use creative messages to lessen their frustration with missing links. The key here is to know what makes them tick.

Always Remember: K. I. S. S. – Keep It Short And Simple

Mobile users don’t have all the time in the world so your content should cut to the chase. Provide a quick view of what you have to offer them. Use eye-catching subheadings and succinct bullet points. Make the page load fast before viewers move on to other mobile sites. Avoid encumbering your page with tons of heavy images and media.

Pass Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-Friendly Test

This is simply one of the first things that you need to tick off your mobile marketing to-do list. Just type in your site here and Google will give you either a yes or no. If Google finds your site wanting in terms of being mobile-friendly, it will provide you with helpful pointers for improvement, whether you created the site on your own or with a developer.

Tailor Your Mobile Ads To The Platform’s Function

Let’s face it, many people are not exactly excited to be bombarded, or worse, disrupted, by ads while they are pleasantly perusing mobile sites and apps. Avoid the ire of your customers by having your ads fit the platform. Say a website posts about pizza parlors within an area. Why not have your ad served in the form of a post, albeit a sponsored one? Just make sure disclosures are in place.

Incorporate your Online and Offline Marketing

Online and Offline Marketing

Going mobile does not mean leaving your offline marketing in the dust. In fact, a smart mobile-first strategy can unify your online and offline marketing in order to reinforce a stronger brand image to your target market. Take advantage of QR codes. Boost sales in your physical stores by knowing your customers’ mobile location. Persuade your offline customers to go online and vice versa.

Assist Customers at Every Step of the Way

Get a good grasp of their mobile usage habits and purchase cycles. Entice them with an attractive mobile design. Help them get what they want from your site with a simple navigation where the home button, FAQ tab, search box, and so on are visible. Lastly, make conversion as easy as a click. Use drop-down menus, click-to-call features, maps, and so on to facilitate purchases.

Security Checks should be in Place

Security Checks should be in Place

While online shopping is very convenient for consumers — and lucrative for your business — it is of paramount importance that you assure your customers that they are leaving their personal and credit card details in good hands. Ensure that your site — especially the e-commerce one — passes stringent safety measures and let your customers know about the legitimacy of your business transactions.

Make your Mobile Site User-Friendly

Take into account all the possible screens and speeds in developing your mobile design, which should appear clear and fast on any mobile device. Also, consider that everything gets scaled down when loaded on a mobile device so devise ways to help the users navigate their touchscreen with their fingers. For instance, leave enough space between buttons and links to avoid accidental clicks.

Decide Carefully if You are Having an App

Mobile app development is an investment that needs plenty of calculated thoughts so decide on creating an app only if your business circumstances call for it. According to Moz, most businesses can already largely benefit from mobile websites and they will do even better to focus on improving mobile user experience. However, if having a mobile site alone cannot do justice to the experience that you want for your customers, launching an app is then recommended.

Be Consistent and Seamless

Always keep the big picture in mind when executing your mobile marketing plans. Remember, mobile marketing is still part of your entire marketing scheme. Thus, it should never be developed in a vacuum. Aside from integrating your online and offline marketing as explained earlier, you will do the best by smoothly transitioning your desktop site to mobile. Retain the key features. Most importantly, avoid inconsistencies at all cost by displaying the same pertinent information.

Design should be Pleasing to the Eyes

Design should be Pleasing to the Eyes

No one appreciates being subjected to a poor, eye-squinting mobile site design. Use colors and fonts in such a way that they distinguish between buttons and content, but without clashing with one another. Make the words readable even without the customer having to zoom in.

Always be on your Toes

It can never be emphasized enough how crucial it is to thoroughly check your mobile app marketing platforms and content. This should go beyond launching — you should constantly adjust your mobile marketing in accordance with the changing consumers’ habits and technological patterns. Monitor trends, adapt quickly, and aim to always move one step ahead.

With mobile marketing gaining ground, it is high time for companies, big or small, to step up their strategies. These 12 tips will help you not only in reaching more people, but also in getting your message across in an effective and efficient way.


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