10 E-Commerce Optimization Tips That Will Enhance Your Conversion Rates Tenfold

One of the hardest parts of an online store is getting people actually on your website pages in the first place, but once they’re there, you’ve then got to convert them into paying customers. You may be investing all your time into driving up this traffic but are you spending enough time on your conversion rates, turning leads into sales? If you’re struggling for ways to enhance these figures, follow these ten quick tips that will allow your store statistics to improve instantly.

10 E-Commerce Optimization Tips That Will Enhance Your Conversion Rates Tenfold
Have a Clear Product Catalogue

Let’s imagine you’re a first-time visitor to your own store. When you click onto your store, is it easy to see exactly what you sell or is it all a bit jumbled? If your store has come up on the results page for one product, but a customer immediately sees something else, the chances are that they’ll click out.
Even if you sell multiple products under different categories, make sure that those categories are clear to all your customers.

Build Trust in Your Products

Even nowadays, many people are still dubious about buying products, especially from a store that isn’t a big high street brands. One of the biggest causes of this problem is trust. When creating and updating your online store, you need to build trust in your website and with your products.
For example, you should have verified website security, ensuring that your customer’s details (both personal and financial) will be safe when using the website. Likewise, you’ll want a comprehensive cancellation and return policies that are clear and understandable.

Create an About Page

You may be surprised to hear that one of the most visited pages on an e-commerce store is the about page. If a customer has never been to your website before, the chances are that they’ll want to hear a little bit about your company before parting with their hard-earned cash.
Leonard C. Jones, an e-commerce expert from Elite Assignment Help, states;
“When writing an about us page for your e-commerce store, it’s essential that you create a story that describes who you are as a business, why you’re operational and how you got to where you are today. Stories such as this are the best way to connect with readers to build trust in your brand.”

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are your lifeline to success. If you don’t already have the ability to show reviews of our products on your online store, there has never been a better time. Not only will this help you improve your product line, but it will also help leads see that customers are buying and using your products, once again building trust.

Use Online Tools to Improve Content

Unlike in a physical store, the text and content of your e-commerce store will be the only form of communication you have with your leads, so it’s essential that you get it right. To help you perfect your content, here is a list of tools that can help.

Word Counter

Your customers aren’t on your website to read tons of content; they’re there to shop. Whatever page or description you’re writing, use this tool to ensure it’s short, sweet and sticks to the point.


One of the fastest growing e-commerce packages, UNBXD is a customisable package that will help to tailor your customer experience to suit your customers, increasing your conversion rate.

Who vs Whom

The grammar within your store is vital to the quality and the level of readability your content has. Use this website for a list of up to date guidelines and advice on perfecting your grammar.

Boom Essays

You’ll need to ensure that your existing website content is perfect for converting customers. Use the experts at Boom Essays to proofread and edit your content to perfect. These services are rapidly becoming one of the most popular services according to Huffington Post in the e-commerce industry.

UK Writings

A leading writing agency that’s home to a range of expert writers who can website copy and product descriptions to your request.

Search Spring

A personalised e-commerce package by implement leading search features as well as elite merchandising solutions.

State of Writing

Creating your own content for your store? Use SOW to make sure your content is written to the highest quality and follows the essential writing guidelines for good readability.


Testing your website is one of the best ways to ensure the best customer experience. Use Optimizely to test everything using leading algorithms, drastically improving your conversion rates.

Essay Roo

If you’re looking for engaging content to boost your conversion rate, the expert writers at Essay Roo are always on hand to help.


One of the most increasingly popular marketing cloud systems, BounceX is a great way to automate certain aspects of your store such as emails and adverts and also includes services such as expert retargeting.

Cite It In

When adding quotes from your customer reviews, use this tool to ensure it looks professional and fits your website’s style.

Run Sales & Discounts

Nothing entices a buyer more than a good old sale. This is an ideal strategy for attracting both new and previous customers, and it doesn’t even have to cost you a large amount of budget. You could even use it to improve your marketing campaign. For example, you could offer 10% off an order if they join the mailing list.

Recommend Products

Using algorithms such as website cookies, you can proactively retarget and recommend products that your customers would like to buy. For example, if they were looking at baby toys, simply suggest more baby toys under a heading such as ‘This product looks perfect for you’. This is known as cross-selling.

Abandoned Shopping Carts

It’s estimated that over $400 trillion is currently sitting abandoned in shopping baskets across the internet. If your customers are shopping and leaving their baskets, you need to ensure you have an email process set-up to bring those customers back.

Sharing Sales

By encouraging your customers to share their sales with their friends, family and followers on social media, not only are you increasing the chance that you’ll attract more customer and more sales, but you’ll also, once again, building trust in your website with other people putting their credibility on the line.
Once the payment has been confirmed, make it easy for your customers to share their experiences.

Use Social Media

While on the subject of sharing, it’s important for an e-commerce store to invest a lot of their marketing budget in social media advertising. Retargeting visitors to your website who have been on your website before is a great way to draw them back, showing them new products that they’ll like, tempting them to come back and spend more.

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