10 Amazon Marketing Hacks to Sell More Products

Selling products on Amazon can be highly lucrative. By applying the right marketing techniques, you can scale your Amazon business to drive high sales volumes and strong revenue.

Here are the 10 Amazon marketing hacks you need to know in order to sell more products and grow your business.

Get To Know Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

The first thing you need to know about marketing your Amazon products is the Amazon product ranking algorithm. Amazon uses the algorithm, also known as the A9 algorithm to decide how products are ranked on its search results pages. This is critical because ranking highly on searches is one of most important, if not the most important thing you can do to bring visitors to your listing.

This works in a similar way to Google’s algorithm for ranking search results, however with one major difference: along with relevance and organic traffic, Amazon’s algorithm also takes into account your conversion rates and how many sales your product makes. The reason for this is simple: if your listing makes sales, this also makes money for Amazon, so they will rank it highly!

Pick The Right Product

Another basic principle you need to understand is which products will sell and which will not. Having the right product to start with will play a big part in being able to market it effectively.

As part of deciding which product or products to sell, consider these questions to make sure you land on a product which will rank well on Amazon and be marketable. How many high-performing competitors (ie. those with more than 500 reviews) are selling the same or a similar product? Is the product brand-driven? (These are more difficult to rank.) Is the sale price less than $20? (Low value products are also more difficult to rank.) Is the product something people buy more than once, thus encouraging repeat business?

Run Samples Past a Test Group

As part of your product development process, run your product past a test group by giving them free samples. Their feedback will help you work out any flaws or issues that you need to address, while clarifying the product’s advantages. The latter will benefit you in your marketing strategy.

As part of this trial phase, start collecting email addresses of those interested in the product so you can contact them once the product is launched. You may even want to set up a landing page about your upcoming product launch to generate buzz and gather more leads.

Use Appropriate Keywords

The presence of keywords is one of the main things Amazon looks for when ranking products. Having the right keywords as part of your listing will mean that not only appear in searches, but more importantly will appear in the right searches. That is for customers who are likely to actually buy your product! You can research keywords on Amazon keyword research tools, such as MerchantWords.

Look At What Your Competitors Are Doing

Competitor analysis can put you a step ahead of your competition. Look at the best-selling products and stores in your niche: what keywords are they using? What features and marketing techniques are they using on their listings?

Use this information to determine that which keywords and features are performing the best. Then, take it a step further: learn from their strengths and weakness. Use this information to prepare a listing which is absolutely optimised for both Amazon’s algorithm and maximum sales conversions.

Use PPC Advertising

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising can drive traffic to your listings. This is particularly recommended in the first 7 days of your listing, which is the critical window for securing an Amazon ranking through organic traffic and sales conversions. Which type of PPC advertising you use will depend on your needs and requirements: if you are on a low budget you may choose Sponsored Search Ads or Product Display Ads. If you have more money to spare, you may choose to go with Headline Search Ads, which cost more but generate more traffic.

Implement Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great tool to drive organic traffic to your listing. This means not only potential sales, but more organic traffic will improve your Amazon rankings. To use content marketing to promote your Amazon products, create quality content relevant to you niche which will be interesting and/or useful to your customers. Then make sure to include a link or links to your product listing. Publish this content on your own site or blog, or better yet try to have your content published on other, reputable websites.

Optimise Your Listing For Conversions

Mostly what we have talked about so far covers how to drive potential customers to your product listing. However, you also need to convert these visitors into actual sales! To do this, you need to optimise your listing for conversions.

Make sure your listing is geared to conversions both in terms of the copy and the images you use. Make sure the bullet points inside your listing are concise, persuasive and clearly explains the benefits of your product. Include product imagery which have a white background and are large enough to enable zoom.

Offer Product Giveaways

Particularly in the early stages of a product listing, offering free product giveaways can be an effective marketing technique. Offer free products to people with strong social media followings who will then promote your product to their networks if they like it. Send free products to your existing customer base to encourage word of mouth and positive reviews.

Be Proactive In Getting Reviews

This brings us to the last point – reviews! Reviews play a role in Amazon rankings, as well as being important for conversions. Customers will make a decision whether or not to purchase based on the number of positive reviews. Follow up your customers and ask them to leave you a review. If they don’t, after a suitable amount of time, follow them up again!


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