In recent days, Skype with diversified categories of smileys and emoticons is an elegant application, which enables you to communion with your beloved and dear ones, who sits far away from you. Smileys for Skype are too earnest to share your feelings that couldn't be expressed in word. Skype has incorporated lots of integrated smileys and emoticons. You can also find out secret smileys at wide length in account of Skype smiley codes and Skype emoticon code.

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Skype Smileys Emoticons: Making trunk dialing and talking over mobile phone which seem to be more expensive has now become the traditional way of communication. However, the revolution in the internet technology has given birth to many applications and software. Skype is one of the advanced technologies that contain numbers of features like voice calling, live video chatting, instant text messaging and lots more.
In order to double fun and enjoyment, you can employ Skype Code and Skype Cheat Code which has been described below. Really, these works in such a manner that you would not control yourself to pet the fad. Now a day instant messaging is trending, as lots of people employ instant messaging service with smiley and emoticon code which works with the internet. These are very effective and efficient which offer complete liberty of talking regardless of time, cost, contacts, groups etc.

Let me take you to Skype and smileys for Skype, the most among you would be fully acquainted. Perhaps, there is no features left that is not incorporated by Skype in term of communication. Therefore, Skype is referred as the most robust and blatant instant messaging platform incorporating lots of Skype smileys and Skype emoticons that comprise all great achievements rendering it excellent and efficient tool. Likewise other instant messaging services it not only offer instantaneous transmission of text based messages but a lot of other features which include free Skype to Skype online chat, audio calling, video calling, file or document exchange and smileys for Skype. In addition, it also facilitates to making calls from Skype to phone or Skype for mobile phone at minimal cost anywhere all over the world.

However, how much it will make you allured when it enables you calling, online chatting with some impressive additional features to double your fun and enjoyment including smileys for Skype. Yes, Skype lets you share your feeling and conversation on account of integrated smileys and emoticons. Sometime, you would not be able to find your desired Skype smiley emoticon code in terms of your desire to share any information, in this case you are supposed to look for secret smiley code. Therefore, take a look over this post. Latest Skype Smileys and Emoticons Cheat Code where I have congregated various stunning and alluring Skype smiley emoticon codes, Skype cheat codes and miscellaneous.

Skype Smileys Emoticon Secret Cheat Code

Somewhere, I heard a phrase ‘A picture worth thousands of words.’ No doubt, it is 100% true. Emoticons are an obvious and optimum way to express feelings when it seems to be confounded to describe a human feeling in words. Thus, most of the Skype users are fond of this and make it stand far ahead incompetence to another. Besides integrated smileys and emoticons in Skype, diversified categories of secret smiley are also available, which is just like piercing the fish eye to designate them. But you don’t have to worry any more. I will let you enable to get Skype smiley codes and other Skype emoticons cheat code in very convenient and easy way.

Moreover, you can get various emoticons and facial expressions in account of combinations of keyword characters. In technical term you may consider Skype smiley cheat code and Skype emoticon code when key combinations result in smiley and emoticons respectively. So, don’t bother about to bit hard, you can employ smileys for Skype as you desire. You are independent to employ any sort of Skype cheat codes or Skype emoticon code to designate desired smileys and emoticons. So, go ahead to designate your desired Skype Smiley Code to express your feeling.

IconAnimated IconsNameEquivalents
 smile Smile:):=):-)
 sadsmile sadsmileSad Smile:(:=(:-(
 bigsmile Big Smile:D:=D:-D:d:=d:-d
 cool coolCool8)8=)8-)B)B=)B-)(cool)
 crying Crying;(;-(;=(
 sweating Sweating(sweat)(:|
 speechless speechlessSpeechless:|:=|:-|
 kiss kissKiss:*:=*:-*
 tongueout tongueoutTongue Out:P:=P:-P:p:=p:-p
 blush blushBlush(blush):$:-$:=$:”>
 wondering wonderingWondering:^)
 sleepy sleepySleepy|-)I-)I=)(snooze)
 dull dullDull|(|-(|=(
 inlove inloveIn love(inlove)
 evilgrin evilgrinEvil grin]:)>:)(grin)
 talking talkingTalking(talk)
 yawn yawnYawn(yawn)|-()
 puke pukePuke(puke):&:-&:=&
 doh dohDoh!(doh)
 angry angryAngry:@:-@:=@x(x-(x=(X(X-(X=(
 itwasntme itwasntmeIt wasn’t me(wasntme)
 party partyParty!!!(party)
 worried worriedWorried:S:-S:=S:s:-s:=s
 mmm mmmMmm…(mm)
 nerd nerdNerd8-|B-|8|B|8=|B=|(nerd)
 lipssealed lipssealedLips Sealed:x:-x:X:-X:#:-#:=x:=X:=#
 hi hiHi(hi)
 call callCall(call)
 devil devilDevil(devil)
 angel angelAngel(angel)
 envy envyEnvy(envy)
 wait waitWait(wait)
 bear bearBear(bear)(hug)
 makeup makeupMake-up(makeup)(kate)
 giggle giggleCovered Laugh(giggle)(chuckle)
 clapping clappingClapping Hands(clap)
 thinking thinkingThinking(think):?:-?:=?
 bow bowBow(bow)
 rofl roflRolling on the floor laughing(rofl)
 whew whewWhew(whew)
 happy happyHappy(happy)
smirk smirkSmirking(smirk)
 nod nodNodding(nod)
 shake shakeShaking(shake)
 punch punchPunch(punch)
 emo emoEmo(emo)
 yes yesYes(y)(Y)(ok)
 no noNo(n)(N)
 handshake handshakeShaking Hands(handshake)
 skype skypeSkype(skype)(ss)
 heart heartHeart(h)(H)(l)(L)
 brokenheart brokenheartBroken heart(u)(U)
 mail mailMail(e)(m)
 flower flowerFlower(f)(F)
 rain rainRain(rain)(london)(st)
 sun sunSun(sun)
 time timeTime(o)(O)(time)
 music musicMusic(music)
movie movieMovie(~)(film)(movie)
phone phonePhone(mp)(ph)
 coffee coffeeCoffee(coffee)
 pizza pizzaPizza(pizza)(pi)
 cash cashCash(cash)(mo)($)
 muscle muscleMuscle(muscle)(flex)
 cake cakeCake(^)(cake)
 beer beerBeer(beer)
 drink drinkDrink(d)(D)
 dance danceDance(dance)o/:D/:d/
 ninja ninjaNinja(ninja)
 star starStar(*)
 bandit banditBandit(bandit)
drunk drunkDrunk(drunk)
smoke smokeSmoking(smoking)(smoke)(ci)
 middlefinger middlefingerFinger(finger)
 rock rockRock(rock)
 mooning mooningMooning(mooning)
 bug bugBug(bug)
 fubar fubarFubar(fubar)
 poolparty poolpartyPoolparty(poolparty)
 swear swearSwearing(swear)
 tmi tmiTMI(tmi)
 heidy heidyHeidy(heidy)
Rock RockRock(rock)
 headbang headbangHeadbang(headbang)(banghead)
toivo toivoToivo(toivo)
 fingerscrossed Fingers Crossed(fingers)(fingerscrossed)(yn)
 highfive High Five(highfive)(hifive)(h5)
 lalala Lalala(lalala)(lala)(notlistening)
 tumbleweed Tumbleweed(tumbleweed)
 waiting Waiting(waiting)(forever)(impatience)
 wfh Working From Home(wfh)
 facepalm Face Palm(facepalm)(fail)

However, I hope after taking a look over this post Skype Smileys & Skype Emoticons Secret Cheat Code  you achieved your desired smileys. It might be highly valuable and worthy to express your that feeling which is difficult to render in words. 

Justin  Oct 29, 2012, 1:47 am

Great list of Skype codes. Please update these post regularly..... Thanks

syed farhan haider  Dec 20, 2012, 2:18 am

Great Post. Great collection of Skype smileys..

Derek  Jan 3, 2013, 10:32 pm

Great post Webgranth, I've read a fe on here and enjoyed the content

Vinay  Jan 11, 2013, 1:47 am

Hi, thanks for the these Skype emoticons :)

ARun  Jan 16, 2013, 3:54 am

you can hold C A T for a cool grey cat to appear for a little.

Ben  Apr 17, 2013, 6:35 pm

Awesome Collection

Frank  Apr 23, 2013, 4:25 pm

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ahmad  Jul 15, 2013, 6:22 pm

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Ashok Mani  Jul 19, 2013, 4:12 pm

nice shortcuts to have fun on Skype chat .... i really enjoyable while i chat with others...

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Awesome collection of skype smileys code.

DawnRj  Sep 30, 2013, 1:13 pm

it's pretty cool. i'm having fun using Skype smiley ;)

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Awesome collection..

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