Facebook Smileys & Facebook Emoticons Secret Cheat Code

In this post of mine I am providing you the list of latest Facebook emoticons and smileys 2015 These attractive Facebook smileys are the best way to express the emotions. Icing the cake; I am providing the cheat codes along with these free Facebook emoticons to make the sharing easy. So just copy these beautiful and creative Facebook smileys on your timeline and make an impressive viral statement among your group.

Facebook is one of the most popular brand names of the internet world in the recent years. This amazing mode of communication is absolutely free and offers you a lot of additional traits incorporation with easy text and video chatting. Facebook allows the users to share pictures, videos, events, thoughts and almost everything with his connections. The text chat in Facebook is colored with the attractive Facebook emoticons and smileys. These animated characters convey the feelings in a much better way as compared to the words.

The Facebook emoticons and smileys are one of the hottest search among the massive digits of Facebook users. Beside with providing an attractive and beautiful interface; these creative Facebook smileys put a life in the chat. We all are aware of a few of them like :-) or :-( but whenever we came across a new and innovative smiley we too want to copy it. Google is flooded with zillion of Facebook smileys and emoticons but either they are not working or they all are SAME.

Every post on the latest Facebook emoticons is pasted with the similar Facebook smileys that we all are learnt of. If you are looking for some different genres of latest Facebook smileys then this post will provide you the best from your choice. These all attractive Emoticons are free to use and can be easily shared on your Facebook timeline.

The below listed Facebook smileys and emoticons are just crushed on the internet that you wouldn’t even had seen them till now. So just use these smileys in your Facebook chat and impress your friends and groups. I promise that your friends too will ask you about the cheat codes of these Facebook smileys and emoticons.

New Smiley faces for Facebook

This list of Facebook smileys is one of the most common yet attractive. I am sure that you too would have used some of the these Facebook smileys on chat. These all are incorporated with their Facebook smiley codes so that you can use them easily in your chat window. These all Facebook emoticon smileys are tested and appreciated by the Facebook users from all across the globe. The below presented, new Facebook smiley emoticon can even be used on your mobile browser.


Emoticon Name Shortcut
Smile :)
Confused Confused o.O
upset Upset >:O
Curly Lips Curly Lips :3
Unsure Unsure :/
kiss Kiss :*
grin Grin :D
Glasses Glasses 8)
Gasp Gasp :O
Frown Frown :(
Cry Cry :’(
Heart Heart <3
Squint Squint -_-
Kiki Kiki ^_^
Pacman Pacman :v
Grumpy Grumpy >:(
Penguin Penguin <(“)
Angel Angel O:)
Devil Devil 3:)
Robot Robot :|]
Chris Putnam Chris Putnam :putnam:
Shark Shark (^^^)
Sunglasses Sunglasses 8|
42 42 :42:
Wink Wink ;)
Tongue Tongue :P

Cool Facebook Smileys For Chat

If you are looking to make a sound in your group with some cool Facebook smileys then Congo because you had landed in the perfect spot. This list of cool Facebook emoticon smileys is incorporated with the latest and awesome smiley Faces. To use these emoticons; you just need to copy the Facebook smiley code in the chat window. I can bet that all these smileys can force any of your friend to ask you about the emoticon code for the same.


Emoticon Name Shortcut
Better then Expected Better than Expected [[256677457745924]]
Are you Serious Are you Serious? [[112680945523951]]
Anti joke Chicken Anti-joke Chicken [[355178957849548]]
Challenge Expected Challenge Expected [[391579167523258]]
Cool Story Bro Cool Story Bro [[302451776482112]]
Disapproval Disapproval [[358205124200991]]
Happy Face Happy Face [[255800484498056]]
I Lied [[350521391654191]]
Know All Know All [[184073421695209]]
No Me Gusta No Me Gusta [[149535571834373]]
Me Gusta Me Gusta [[164413893600463]]
Oh God Why Oh God Why [[238440539583758]]
Oh Yeah Oh Yeah [[271332952936071]]
Philosoraptor Philosoraptor [[183671768326457]]
Paranoid Parrot Paranoid Parrot [[276143039126056]]
omg OMG [[234744756619958]]
Troll Face Troll Face [[190719461034791]]
Socially Awkward Penguin Socially Awkward Penguin [[98438140742]]
True Story True Story [[176444735802970]]
Yao Ming Yao Ming [[260295577381249]]
Why You No Why You No? [[305369779518251]]
What's This Racket What’s This Racket [[403128636369045]]
You Don't Say You Don’t Say [[357405834291317]]
Chuck Norris Chuck Norris [[46637413257]]
Superman Superman [[superman]]
Domo Domo [[250128751720149]]
Gumby Gumby [[172634792775561]]
Spongebob(1) Spongebob(1) [[334954663181745]]
Spongebob Face Spongebob Face [[252585271419080]]
Squidward Squidward [[squidward]]
Mr. Krabs Mr. Krabs [[mrkrabs]]
Sandy Sandy [[107950785929863]]
Mrs. Puff Mrs.Puff [[255841784451619]]
Plankton Plankton [[plankton]]
Larry the Lobster Larry the Lobster [[353372551112]]
Chowder Chowder [[49239575354]]
Mung Mung [[105412836215690]]
Kimchi the Fart Cloud Kimchi the Fart Cloud [[278204581010]]
Gir Gir [[127734003956294]]
Dora Dora [[dora]]
Barney Barney [[barney]]
Elmo Elmo [[elmo]]
Big Bird Big Bird [[bigbird]]
Cookie Monster Cookie Monster [[cookiemonster]]
Winnie The Pooh Winnie The Pooh [[winniethepooh]]
Tigger Tigger [[tigger]]
Arthur Arthur [[PBSArthur]]
PeeWee Herman PeeWee Herman [[PeeweeHerman]]
Hello Kitty Hello Kitty [[hellokitty]]
The Power Puff Girls The Power Puff Girls [[ThePowerpuffGirls]]
Naruto Naruto [[104696320253]]
Goku (Dragonball) Goku (Dragonball) [[43985111513]]
Goku (Dragonball Z) Goku (Dragonball Z) [[179412035432554]]
Hetalia Hetalia [[118851214841634]]
Sailor Moon Sailor Moon [[52945463402]]
Ponyo Ponyo [[PONYO]]
Teletubbies Teletubbies [[119960411370345]]
BooBah BooBah [[151959596479]]
Lego Lego [[LEGOGROUP]]
Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen [[charliesheen]]
David Hasselhoff (The Hoff) David Hasselhoff (The Hoff) [[davidhasselhoff]]
Donald Trump Donald Trump [[217104144968122]]
Randy Jackson Randy Jackson [[RandyJacksonNext]]
Nyan Cat (1) Nyan Cat (1) [[291720597536078]]
Nyan Cat (2) Nyan Cat (2) [[118714951545229]]
Ash and Pikachu Ash and Pikachu [[PokemonWorld]]
Pikachu Pikachu [[326134990738733]]
Poke Ball Poke Ball [[236147243124900]]
Angry Bird Angry Birds [[166456416741199]]
Mario Mario [[300983063279872]]
Super Mario Super Mario [[supermario]]
Mario Kart Mario Kart [[mariokart]]
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog [[sonic]]
Doraemon Doraemon [[155393057897143]]
Norbita Norbita [[224502284290679]]
Shin Chan Shin Chan [[196431117116365]]
Papa Smurf Papa Smurf [[124839657530642]]
LLama LLama [[llamafans]]
Trippy Eye Trippy Eye [[Hungry.Eyeball]]
Money Money [[35833778275]]
Derp Derp [[224812970902314]]
Kontana Izumi Kontana Izumi [[249199828481201]]
Pedo Bear Pedo Bear [[148935948523684]]
Smirk Smirk [[333708903307152]]
Hmmm Hmmm [[134695813311979]]
Mysterious Mysterious [[208551699231052]]
WTF WTF [[243002845770158]]
Shock Shock [[274914629225060]]
Crazy Crazy [[144264815683239]]
M M [[100003277310675]]
A A [[100003252111881]]
H H [[100003281300913]]
Windows Windows [[windows]]
intel intel [[intel]]
Google Chrome Google Chrome [[googlechrome]]
Bing Bing [[bing]]
Gmail Gmail [[gmail]]
Wikipedia Wikipedia [[wikipedia]]
YouTube YouTube [[youtube]]
Facebook Facebook [[facebook]]
Restaurant ville Restaurant ville [[89423383024]]
FarmVille FarmVille [[123827117738416]]
PetVille PetVille [[petvillepage]]
Hotmail Hotmail [[hotmail]]
Minecraft Minecraft [[minecraft]]
iTunes iTunes [[itunes]]
Apple Apple [[iPodCommunity]]
Ray William Johnson Ray William Johnson [[raywilliamjohnson]]
Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS [[Nintendo3DS]]
Playstation Playstation [[playstation]]
Sony Sony [[sony]]
American Idol American Idol [[101228960064]]
MTV MTV [[mtv]]
 Yahoo messenger Yahoo [[yahoomessenger]]
Glee Glee [[glee]]
Twilight - Edward and Bella Twilight – Edward and Bella [[twilight]]
The Middle The Middle [[themiddle]]
Cartoon Network Cartoon Network [[cartoonnetwork]]
Simpsons Icon Simpsons Icon [[thesimpsons]]
Homer Homer [[53604212520]]
Marge Marge [[320426491306913]]
Bart Bart [[273143272711807]]
Chief Wiggum Chief Wiggum [[171897879535510]]
More More [[333269677221]]
Peter Griffin Peter Griffin [[115767121778065]]
Lois Lois [[192384820807511]]
Meg Meg [[108272965860879]]
Stewie Stewie [[32248376743]]
Brian Brian [[246684017145]]
Quagmire Quagmire [[272765955944]]
Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse [[mickeymouse]]
Darth Vader Darth Vader [[118532231514890]]
Captain Jack Sparrow Captain Jack Sparrow [[CaptainJackSparrow]]
Yoda Yoda [[80893990611]]
Black Eyed Peas Black Eyed Peas [[blackeyedpeas]]
LMFAO LMFAO [[lmfao]]
Justin Beiber Justin Beiber [[justinbiebermistletoe]]
Hannah Montana Hannah Montana [[hannahmontana]]
Beyonce Beyonce [[beyonce]]
Katy Perry Katy Perry [[katyperry]]
Lady Gaga Lady Gaga [[ladygaga]]
Eminem Eminem [[eminem]]
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey [[mariahcarey>]]
Michael Jackson Michael Jackson [[michaeljackson]]
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin [[131572223581891]]
John Lennon John Lennon [[johnlennon]]
Metallica Metallica [[metallica]]
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift [[taylorswift]]
Gene Simmons Gene Simmons [[121142661290301]]
Nirvana Nirvana [[33088012461]]
Blink 182 Blink 182 [[blink182]]
WWE WWE [[wwe]]
Sad Panda Sad Panda [[119140778183302]]

Different yet Best Emoticons for Facebook Chat

Sport is always one of the hottest search among the youngsters. To put some more spirit in this craze, I am providing you the list of Best Facebook sports smileys and emoticons. You can use these Facebook Smileys to cheer up for your favorite team or sport.


Emoticon Name Shortcut
NFL Logo NFL Logo [[nfl]]
Indiana Colts Indiana Colts [[colts]]
Callas Cowboys Callas Cowboys [[dallascowboys]]
steelers steelers [[steelers]]
ChicagoBears ChicagoBears [[chicagobears]]
Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs [[cubs]]
Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens [[baltimoreravens]]
Caronlina Panthers Caronlina Panthers [[carolinapanthers]]
Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox [[redsox]]
Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders [[raiders]]
Texas Longhorns Texas Longhorns [[texaslonghorns]]
Denver Broncos Denver Broncos [[denverbroncos]]
Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins [[miamidolphins]]
New York Giants New York Giants [[113131122058511]]
St Louis Cardinals St Louis Cardinals [[cardinals]]
Florida Gators Florida Gators [[floridagators]]
Seattle Sea Hawks Seattle Sea Hawks [[seahawks]]
University of Oregon University of Oregon [[universityoforegon]]
NBA Logo NBA Logo [[nba]]
Portland Trail Blazers Portland Trail Blazers [[trailblazers]]
Denver Nuggest Denver Nuggest [[denvernuggets]]
LA Lakers LA Lakers [[losangeleslakers]]
Boston Celtics Boston Celtics [[bostonceltics]]
Houston Rockets Houston Rockets [[houstonrockets]]
Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls [[chicagobulls]]
LA Clippers LA Clippers [[laclippers]]

Country Flag Facebook Smileys and Emoticons

Facebook face smileys can be commonly found but the country flag Facebook Smileys and emoticons are very rare. If you are too searching those rare Country flag Facebook smileys and emoticons then your search will come to an end with this list of Best Facebook smileys. So what you are waiting for ? Simply paste the smiley codes in the chat box and impress everyone.


Emoticon Name Shortcut
America Country Flag America [[235308179897232]]
Australia Country Flag Australia [[251943854888832]]
Brazil Country Flag Brazil [[277313912340862]]
china Country Flag China [[195546403880002]]
England Country Flag England [[368628179823130]]
France Country Flag France [[285505011517859]]
German Country Flag German [[240467632713605]]
India Country Flag India [[236629836375511]]
Italian Country Flag Italian [[174828349298998]]
New Zealand Country Flag New Zealand [[136245833163892]]
Mexican Country Flag Mexican [[394575387235360]]
Pirate Country Flag Pirate [[258922724186445]]
Spanish Country Flag Spanish [[259034514174409]]
UK Country Flag UK [[214696081962321]]

 Facebook Smileys Pictures

This is the last but not the least; actually this is the best part of our show. These attractive Facebook Smiley pictures can magnetize every attention at the first glance. I had also incorporated the smiley codes with these Facebook smiley pictures so that you can use them easily. So use these romantic and creative smiley pictures now to put a smile on the face of your partner and friends.

Facebook Angel

Heart Giving Smiley

Butterflies facebook smileys emoticons

Teddy bear facebook smileys emoticons

hello kitty

I love you facebook chat emoticon

I hope that you will like my this post on “Facebook Smileys & Facebook Emoticons Secret Cheat Code“. You are welcome to share your ideas and other Facebook smileys cheat codes which are skipped in this post. I will love to hear your reviews and comments about my work.

Facebook Smileys & Facebook Emoticons Secret Cheat Code


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