Web designing is a broad term which can’t be defined in a limited horizon, it covers a vast range of topics and have endless horizon. It can vary from graphic designs to website designs to logo designs to many others. The web designers, bloggers, developers seeks out the best design websites for getting a little bit of idea about how to initialize the work and in what manner to complete it.

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Although there are large numbers of websites which provide appropriate information regarding all that, but is little harder to judge which one of them is the best. It is really harder to find good blog websites which can guide the web designers, developers or bloggers in an appropriate manner. For your convenience, we have provided a bundle of websites with their feed links. You can keep yourself up to date with the web feeds all in one place by subscribing to them. We are pleased to present a comprehensive list of websites and RSS feeds which can help the web designers to update their knowledgebase regarding the web feeds.
We have extracted some of the most fascinating blog websites links and RSS feed links for you, wherein once you get subscribed, you will be automatically updated of the new blogs added or any new events happening on the website. These websites cover graphic-design, web design, coding, inspirations, tutorials, freebies, and many other category related blogs. We have put our best efforts in extorting these, but even then if missed something, let us know through your comments.

Smashing Magazine
Category: Coding, Design, inspiration

Category: Design, Inspiration, Coding, Icons, JavaScript

Category: Design News, Freebies, Inspiration, Tutorial, WordPress

Category: Icons, Wallpapers

Assault Blog
Category: Inspiration, Tutorials, Videos, Designs

Category: Animation, Design, Freebies, Tutorials, WordPress

Category: Freebies, Tutorials, Logos

Category: Inspiration, Artworks, Product Designs, Videos

1stwebdesigner – Love In Design
Category: Coding, Inspiration, Tutorials, web design

A List Apart
Category: Code, Design

Category: Inspirations, Tutorials, Photography

Category: Tutorials, Freebies, Inspirations, Wallpapers, Icons

Category: Web design, Logo Design, Print Design

Denis Designs
Category: Inspiration, Tutorials, Freebies

Design daily news
Category: Inspiration, Photographs

Design Float / Popular Entries
Category: Graphic Design, Programming, Tutorials, Web design

Design follow
Category: Graphic Design, Website Design, Logo Design

Design Informer
Category: Design, Tutorial, Freebies, Inspiration

Design Meltdown 2010
Category: Design

Design Newz
Category: Logo Design, WordPress Themes

Design Observer: Main Posts
Category: Design

Design Shack
Category: Web design, Inspiration

Design Shard
Category: Web Design, Tutorials, Freebies

Design Sponge
Category: Design, Photography

Category: Inspiration, Wallpapers, freebies, Photography

Category: Photography, Wallpapers, Tutorials

DesignersCouch articles
Category: Designs

Category: Graphic Design

Category: Tutorials, Freebies

Category: Design

Category: Tutorials, Graphic Design, Web Design

Category: Design, Inspiration

Desizn Tech
Category: Tutorials, freebies

Category: Design, Photography

dezign Musings
Category: Graphic Design, Inspiration, Photoshop, Tutorials

Dzine Blog
Category: Logo Design, Graphic Design, Web Design

Category: Freebies, Photoshop, HTML, Inspiration

Echo Enduring Blog
Category: Tutorials, Freebies, Design

Graphic Design Blender
Category: Design

Graphic Design Blog – An Ultimate Resource for Graphic Designers
Category: Logo Design, Graphic Design

Inspiredology – Design Inspiration Lab
Category: Graphic Design, Inspiration, Web Design

Category: Icon, WordPress, Wallpaper, Tutorials

Just Creative Design
Category: Design

Jeffrey Zeldman
Category: Web Design, News, Resources

Vandelay Design
Category: Design, Development, Inspiration, Resources

Mayhem Studios
Category: Design, Resources, Twitter

The Design Cubicle
Category: Design, Inspiration, Advice

Veerle’s Blog
Category: Design, Trends, XHTML, CSS

Signal vs. Noise
Category: Design, Usability, Business, Culture

Category: Development, Ajax, Javascript

Stylized Web
Category: Design, Trends, WordPress, Tutorials, Forum

Viget Inspire
Category: Design, Typography, Development, Tutorials

Viget Extend
Category: Development, Rails, Javascript

Viget Engage
Category: SEO, Marketing, Social Media

Viget Advance
Category: Business, Strategy, Design

You The Designer
Category: Design, Resources, Tutorials, Jobs, Freebies

Outlaw Design Blog
Category: Design, Graphic, Resources, Freebies, Business

Fuel Your Creativity
Category: Design, Inspiration, Resources, Advice, Interviews

Category: CSS, Design, Development, Screencasts

Category: Design, Business, Blogging, Inspiration, Resources

Go Media Zine
Category: Design, Typography, Freebies, Business, News, Forum

Design Sojourn
Category: Design, Creativity

Creative Briefing
Category: Design, Marketing

 Positive Space Blog
Category: Graphic, Web Design, Business, Technology

Pro Blog Design
Category: Blogging, Design, WordPress

Brush King
Category: Freebies, Brushes

Dev Snippets
Category: Development, Resources, Code

Design Flavr
Category: Inspiration, Art

Category: Photoshop, Brushes, Patterns, Textures

Most Inspired Blog
Category: Design, Tutorials, Inspiration, WordPress, Advice

W3C Sites
Category: Inspiration, Web Standards

CSS Play
Category: CSS, Tutorials

Dev Kick
Category: Development, Design, Resources, Freebies, News, Forum

Category: Design, Freebies

The Design Cubicle
Category: Design, Photography

Build Internet
Category: Articles, Tutorials, Motivation, Business, Resources

Color + Design Blog by COLOURlovers
Category: Web, Business, Pattern Templates

CrazyLeaf Design Blog
Category: Graphic Design, Web design, Tutorials

Cre8ive Commando
Category: Tutorials, Web Design, Logo Design

Creative Nerds
Category: Articles, Freebies, Tutorials, News, Inspiration

Creative Tempest
Category: Graffiti, Graphic Design, Photography

Category: Freebies, Inspiration, Photoshop

Category: Inspiration, Design, Coding, Graphics, Freebies

David Airey: Graphic and Logo Designer
Category: Graphics, Photography, Web

The Design Superhero
Category: JavaScript, CSS, Design

 The River Current
Category: Design, Development

The UX Booth
Category: Design

The Web Blend – Published news
Category: Design, freebies, inspiration, tutorials

Category: Vectors, Illustrator, Tutorials, Freebies

Tutorial 9
Category: Photoshop, Illustrator, Web, Tutorials, Freebies

Photoshop Lady
Category: Photoshop, Tutorials

Category: Photoshop, Tutorials

PS Hero
Category: Photoshop, Tutorials

Category: Brushes, Freebies

Category: Vectors, Freebies

Blog Theme Machine
Category: Design, Inspiration, Blog, WordPress

 Creattica Daily
Category: Design, Development, Resources, Links

Category: Design, Development, Resources, Links

 24 Ways
Category: Design, Development

PSD Tuts
Category: Photoshop Tutorials, Freebies

Net Tuts
Category: PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Tutorials, Freebies

Vector Tuts
Category: Vectors, Illustrator, Tutorials

Web Design Ledger
Category: Web Design, Development, Inspiration Web Designer Depot

456 Berea Street
Category: Web Design, Standards, Usability, Accessibility

Category: Resources, Design, Tutorials, Inspiration

Category: Development, Design, Web

Category: Design, Development, Freelancing

WP Candy
Category: WordPress, Design, Inspiration

CSS Globe
Category: Web Standards, Design, Development, CSS

Category: Resources, WordPress, News, Inspiration

 I Love Typography
Category: Typography, Design, Typefaces

Spoon Graphics
Category: Illustrator, Design, Freebies, Inspiration

Jason Santa Maria
Category: Business, Design

Design Snips
Category: Design, Inspiration

David Walsh
Category: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Development

Simple Bits
Category: Design, News, Resources

Eighty One Designs
Category: Design, Print, Inspiration, Freelancing

Digital Web Magazine
Category: Business, Design, Development, Usability

All Web-Design Resources
Category: Design, Resources

All Graphic Design
Category: Design, Resources, Tutorials, Tools

Web Designer Wall
Category: Design, WordPress, Inspiration, Resources, Advice

N.Design Studio
Category: Design, Tutorials, Freebies

A List Apart
Category: Design, Development, CSS

iDesign Studios
Category: Design, Freelancing, Business, Resources

3.7 Design Blog
Category: Web Design, MArketing, Podcast, Business, Inspiration

Bits And Pixels
Category: Design, Tutorials

Deziner Folio
Category: Design, Development, Freebies, Forum, CSS

Designer Daily
Category: Design, Resources, WordPress, Inspiration

Design Interviews
Category: Design, Interviews

Designers Who Blog
Category: Designers, Business, Artists, Features

Design Adaptations
Category: Design, Tutorials, WordPress, Freelancing, Inspiration, Blog

Design Intellection
Category: Design, Tutorials, Inspiration, Business, WordPress

Crazy Leaf Design Blog
Category: Design, Graphics, Tutorials, News

Smashing Apps
Category: Design, Graphics, Development, Resources, News

Category: Typography

Category: Design, Typography, Business, WordPress

Bartelme Design
Category: User Interface, Design, Freebies, Expression Engine

Creative Curio
Category: Graphic, Design, Inspiration, Typography

Design Reviver
Category: Design, CSS, Development, Resources, Freebies

Mezzo Blue
Category: Design, CSS, Development

David Airey
Category: Design, Graphic, Logo, Business

Snap 2 Objects
Category: Design, Inspiration, Freebies

Slick Tutorials
Category: Tutorials, Photoshop, Illustrator, Inspiration

Tutorial Blog
Category: Design, Development, Resources, Business

Theme Shaper
Category: Design, WordPress, Blog

Perishable Press
Category: Design, Development, WordPress, Business

Bad Ass Ideas
Category: Design, Interactive Media, Creativity, Resources, Marketing, Typography

Death by Kerning
Category: Design, Typography

User Focus
Category: Design, Usability, Resources

User Designer
Category: Usability, User Experience, Design

PHP Freaks
Category: PHP, Development, Tutorials, Forum

Behance Mag
Category: Inspiration, Creativity, Productivity

Ben Blogged
Category: Tutorials, Design, Vectors, Freebies

Blog Design Studio
Category: Design, Blog, WordPress

Category: Design, Development, CSS, XHTML

Pink And Yellow
Category: Design, WordPress, CSS

 Boag World Podcasts
Category: Design, Business, Usability, Podcast

Superfluous Banter
Category: Design, Development, CSS

Ordered List
Category: Design, JavaScript, Development

Weblog Tools Collection
Category: WordPress, Blog, Design, Development

Inspiration Bit
Category: Inspiration, Design, Art

Design WorkPlan
Category: Inspiration, Design, Typography, Tech

Brian Yerkes
Category: Business, Design, Blogging, Tutorials

The Dieline
Category: Design, Packaging, Inspiration

Aisle One
Category: Design, Typography, Minimalism

Randa Clay
Category: Design, WordPress, Freebies, Inspiration

Web Appers
Category: Tools, Development, Resources

WP Recipes
Category: WordPress, Development, Blog

Tracey Grady
Category: WordPress, Design, Blog, Business

Dzine Blog
Category: WordPress, Design, Resources, Inspiration, Freebies

Category: Design, Development, CSS, HTML

Spoonfed Design
Category: Tutorials, Inspiration, Links

Creating Inspiration
Category: Inspiration, Links 

Hareesh V Welhm  Jul 27, 2011, 10:09 am

Now that's what i call an extensive collection. Amazing stuff, best rss feeds at a same place. Although i have most of them already subscribed but it was a long time process, when i get to know for these websites i subscribed to RSS feed. But see how easy it is now. Most of good are there at a same place. you will definitely save lots of time of so many peoples looking for this information.

Dirk  Jul 27, 2011, 9:09 pm

I have reviewed your post, i like the RSS feeds that you have shared. Please share some designs of photoshop for the Website.

Webgranth  Jul 28, 2011, 12:53 pm

Sure Dirk, we are working on a similar post as you requested. We would be posting it here soon.

divar  Jul 30, 2011, 3:58 pm

Although technically not a design blog, I put this in my top 10 list because a blogger should always be learning new ways of doing things to improve their blog and this site makes that job a breeze. If you are new to blogging this should be your first stop.

shivani  Jul 30, 2011, 3:59 pm

Great list! My approach is similar to yours as in I do not have any structured design training, although I do have Web Development training. So, I try to read what I can and expand my knowledge through practice and reading. I especially like to development feeds. Nice job.

Richard  Aug 1, 2011, 4:16 pm

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Lee  Aug 1, 2011, 4:21 pm

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shashank  Aug 20, 2011, 3:41 pm

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Rounak  Aug 25, 2011, 9:54 am

Best Rss Feeds Collection For Graphics Designer, Developer, Blogger. Nice post . Thanks for sharing

Jason  Aug 28, 2011, 3:09 pm

These kind of put up will almost always be impressing plus i would rather look over top quality written content therefore i delighted to look for numerous very good place within the place, coming up with is just great, thanks for all of the publish!.

venus  Sep 6, 2011, 3:01 am

Awesome collection of themes.....gud going webgranth

Griffen  Sep 15, 2011, 1:53 pm

The post you wrote is really good. Thanks for sharing.

Brown  Sep 15, 2011, 5:35 pm

This article was really good. I look forward to reading another one.

Affordable SEO Services  Jan 21, 2012, 2:29 pm

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